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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another twist

Three things to be happy about:
(1) eggs scrambled with that substitute crabmeat stuff
(2) a matter of no importance
(3) spontaneous road trips

Well!  After a breffus of scrambled egg substitute and other substitute stuff, I went with Charlene and Pat to the new Costco in Wheaton Plaza (Maryland).  We missed the grand opening, and I wanted to check it out just because, so we went.  I didn't get a photo but it's a nice store, plenty of parking, and you access it from a mall entrance.  I had to go right in and check out the new ladies room (don't ask) while Pat and Charlene bought cards at the card store across from the entrance - different and handy!  It was a bit crowded - why are there so many people out wandering around on a Monday morning - don't they have to be at work??!


I woke a bit early yesterday morning and started thinking about the cut along I posted about, and how I was making even more scraps and crumbs every time I cut my shapes from the large scraps! 

Then I said - hey!  That star Rosa made is very pretty, why don't I make some scrap yardage and cut a few triangles from that too??!

Just to test out my theory, I made a couple big pieces and layered them with a light background fabric and cut them using the 6-1/2" die...

Here are a few layouts... I'm not so sure.  I only made four pieces and it's a bit hard to see what they'll really look like, but one question I'm asking is do I want to use that light background or should I go with something a bit darker or brighter (like red or gold)?  Definitely I should use something that reads as solid, a medium or large pattern would kill the design!

And another thing I need to be aware of is the size of the scraps - see that blue strip and the brown one?  They really stand out and could potentially change the shape of the block! 

I'm also wondering if I should try using a smaller HST die - I have a 4-1/2" that's part of a "value die" (three shapes on one die) and there's a 3-1/2", but if I use either of those the scraps need to be smaller.

Something to think about!  I need to think quickly because if I want to invest in another die right now, Joann's has them at 40% off until May 4th. 

Have a great day, sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. I like the 6.5" - now that's coming from someone who likes small! It gives room for lots of scrap play - and if those pieces change the look because of size, doesn't that add to the fun? If you get too small, the scraps would lose their appeal.

  2. I agree, the 6.5" is a good size for this project. I like the light background but gold would work as well. Hard to tell without seeing how it would react with the other colors.

  3. I would not worry about those scraps. For the background I would go with a solid white or maybe black. Either of those are really strong and would give it a lot of punch.

    1. Gene just got trained by the cardinals of scrap quilting (Gee's Bend ladies). He knows his stuff!

  4. I agree that you shouldn't worry about the scrap size. ALL the scraps, whatever size, will play nicely together. Just keep 'making' fabric and after a while you'll feel much more comfortable with how it all plays out. Making fabric is truly my favorite thing to do. I love how .... even if you use scraps from the same project ... your made fabric can come out looking so differently. And I'm with Gene that using black or white will look great. I, personally, am a RED girl, but that's me. :)

  5. Hi Linda,

    i like the star Rosa shared with us at the last guild meeting too!. I also like the use of the whit or light background fabric. It sets off the colors and makes the block pop.


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