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Monday, April 22, 2013

Cutting along

Three things to be happy about:
(1) hitting the snooze button
(2) time to think
(3) sour cream and onion potato chips

As I type this I'm eating a handful of Pringles sour cream & onion flavored potato crisps.  I don't think they can truly call them "chips", although I don't know what difference it would make - none of that stuff's any good for ya anyway.  Sure is tasty though! 


The Die Cut Scrap (Make Later) Along has officially started, and yesterday I was a busy little miss using my Accuquilt GO to cut triangles.  Ebony suggested using the 5 x 6 thousand pyramid isosceles triangle for this cut-along, but because I don't have it and don't want to spend the money right now, I thought I'd just use one of the dies that came with my Accuquilt starter set.  So, the 6-1/2" half square triangle it is!

The fabric that I pulled a few weeks ago and pressed?  Well, most of it had to be re-ironed - isn't it interesting how wrinkles can settle in fabric while it's just lying around?

I meant to keep track of my time, but because it was broken up I forgot to take notes.  But I did count the number of HST's I managed to cut ...

Scraps that were too small to fit the 6-1/2" die were cut into 3-12" squares for the x and plus  blocks I started kitting up some time ago; anything left from that went into the crumb box.  I found a few WOF pieces that were just right to cut 2" strips from too - the bin is getting full!

I haven't reached the point (yet) where I'll separate these by color family... maybe some day if I don't use them fast enough!

So that's what I've been up to; I hope you had/will have a quilty day, sew forth and sew on...


  1. Hey, I think I will have to come over and cut up some fabric too. Let's say on my next Monday off.

  2. I don't sort my strips by color either. So when my plastic drawer gets full I know it's time to make something......and I'm in need of doing something with my 2.5" strips NOW!! That drawer is stuffed!

  3. You know I love everything HST. It is funny because I have been doing some spring cleaning and opening bins of fabric long stored in the closet. Yesterday, I came upon a bin with the whole collection of your HST pictured on the first row in the center (olive green with leaves). Perhaps there will be some some scraps on the way to your house. My next blog is going to be my take on scraps!

  4. I smacked the living daylights outta that snooze button this morning. Hope it works tomorrow. LOL!

    Happy HST-ing!

  5. I'll bet you will be glad for all that prep time when it comes to putting it all together. I love being able to reach in a tin and find just what I need next.

  6. I totally forgot about the "Die Cut Scrap (Make Later) Along". Oh well, I'll just have to do it at a later date. Back to paper piecing.


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