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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A little side trip

Is this Thursday already?  Where did the week go!? 

Sometimes when I look at my log I'm intrigued to see where my visitors are coming from - places like Colombes, Opelousas, Madrid, Oswego, Sheffield, Kaposvar... if you have a minute leave me a "location" comment!  Just say "Hi, I'm from _____"  I think it'd be fun to see how many different places check in!

I wanted to stop playing with triangles for a little bit to make a baby quilt, and I thought I'd back it with fleece without a batting.  My friend Renea mentioned that the soon-to-be-closed Hancock Fabrics had a lot left, so Monday Felicia (The Slow Quilter) and I went to check it out.  I'm glad we did!  They had a whole section of fleece, and I got a nice 2-yard piece at $1.10 a yard.

I wanted a pattern that was quick and easy and fuss-free, so I went to the cobblestone pattern that I've used before.  I highly recommend this pattern if you want to make an attractive quilt on short order, the blocks work up very quickly.  The most "difficult" part is deciding which fabrics to pair together - piece o cake!

The blocks for this one are sewn at 6x6 and 6x12 (finished); my goal was to get a 36 inch center.  As I sewed each block I just put it on my design wall in no particular order, I'll rearrange them and start sewing the quilt together today. 

There were some cute fabrics in this quilt...  I like these little animals:
is that Curious George on the green?  I've seen a lot of sock monkey fabric lately!

I didn't just buy fleece at Hancock's, I also bought three pieces of red fabric that I couldn't resist.  They had some very pretty Christmas fabric that I got at 90 cents a yard, what a deal!  At that price I didn't mind buying two yards; I understand they'll be closing Wednesday or Thursday of next week (April 10 or 11).  At this point the discounts were 70, 80 and 90 percent off.

Of course we had to eat after shopping!  We dropped into a Japanese restaurant next door to the Hancock's but we only stayed a hot minute - it was dark in there, but not too dark to notice how grungy the menus were, yuck.  I was forward enough to ask the waiter why they were so dirty, "Uh, well, we're about to order some new ones soon, I don't know when but they're coming."  Pu-lese!  There was hardly anything on the menu that didn't include beef, which I don't do very well, so Felicia was nice enough to agree on someplace else.  So, we had a nice lunch at Appleby's - I had the shrimp alfredo with side salad.  It was pretty good!

That's it for now, enjoy your Thursday.  The cherry blossoms haven't peaked yet, I think the official date now is in one or two weeks.  Sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. Wow, what great buys! Cute baby quilt - bright and bold.

  2. I wasn't sewing when our Hancock's closed. That was several years ago. I understand the buys were amazing though. My aunt bought an embroidery machine and said she saved a bundle. (but I don't think she has ever really used it)
    You got some great buys.

  3. Hi I'm from Okotoks (Alberta, boring). That's a really nice, bright baby quilt.

  4. I've looked at my stats a couple of times too. It is interesting to how connected we can be to such far away places. I'm from Alamosa, Colorado.

  5. Have pulled some fabric out to make up one of your cobblestone quilts. I really like the way they look. I'm from Sacramento, CA. Yeah, I know....VERY exciting. NOT!

  6. Hi, I am in South Carolina. Pretty baby quilt!!!!

  7. Seattle are up here! Waving through today's rain. That's a cute baby quilt. Lots of things for the baby see and touch and talk about when he/she gets a bit older.

    I love how the interwebs makes us all next-door neighbors now.

  8. Hi Linda, checking in from S.E. Wisconsin. I have been following your blog for a while now. I have been introduced to severa lblogs from your posts, so thanks!

  9. Hi...I live near Ogden, Utah. We had a local JoAnn's that went out of business several years ago. I was surprised at how long it took them before the fabric was discounted to 70+% Love your blog!


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