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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guild meeting

Yesterday was another great guild meeting, I just love show n tell - it's my favorite part!

Rosa shared this star she made from her scraps; she had a lot of black and white scraps that she just couldn't throw away - she said I was her inspiration.  I don't think I've ever done one with a controlled color palate for the center, so she inspired me right back!

She used black and white for the center, and the points were made from a wild assortment of scraps... er, crumbs.  It was fun seeing all the tiny little bits that ended up in the corners and in the star tips; they added just a tiny little hint of what the larger piece was like.  I love it, Rosa!

As I mentioned before, last month's meeting included a cobblestone workshop - Deb and Rosa brought theirs:

you gotta love the black and white dress forms on the back of Rosa's...

Look at a close up of Deb's quilting, it goes so well with the cobblestones...

There were two jelly roll quilts finished, from the race we had a few months ago. 

I have two that I haven't finished yet, they both need borders.

And here's the result of a "color chip" challenge that Deb participated in at Capital Quilts in Gaithersburg, MD...
the two colors she drew were the gold and the white.  Very creative piece!

I'll have more show n tell later; have a great Sunday, sew forth and sew on...


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos from the meeting. I never get too much inspiration.

  2. Lots of fun and inspirational things going on there!

  3. That star looks fabulous. Love the color splash.

  4. That last quilt is very Mondrian! I like the green and gold. She drew fun colors! Love show and tell. It's the best part of the meeting!

  5. Great pictures, sorry I missed the meeting.

  6. I love that colorful cobblestone quilt !
    Greetings from Mallorca (Spain)


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