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Friday, May 3, 2013

Scrappy days are here again!

"Happy days are here again,
the skies above are clear again"...

at least til Monday, that's when we get more rain!  That's too bad cuz my sister is coming for a visit til Friday, looks like rain all week   :o*(

BUT... three things to be happy about:
(1) main course salads
(2) adopting one better habit
(3) recuperative strolls

"Scrappy" days are here again, and so am I! I've been working with my scraps and it can be a bit messy at times - how did a scrap of fabric get on the floor mat of my car??  It's fun making my scrap yardage and I'm getting some great pieces made. 

Since I'm using my 6-1/2" GO die to cut the half square triangles, I make the pieces at least 7-1/2" square to make sure it'll fit the entire area.  One thing I found out is, it's almost impossible to control where the seam line fits, as you can see in the piece above.  When I made my cut, I only got just a sliver of that red fabric... I think all but a teensy tiny piece will be caught up in the seam.

I really liked Marei's comment about using red, so I tried a few and boy how it makes my pieces pop!  Take a look at these two layouts I tried:

Because the pieces are so large, I'll be able to make a throw size in no time at all!  For sure I'll need to follow a layout sheet, I had fun trying to get the one on the right lined up correctly - it took leaning my head way over to the side and closing one eye!  Kinda pretty, though.

Well, that's part of what I've been up to, quilt wise.  I find myself back in the position of having to clean my guest room so my sister will have some place to sleep - where'd all that clutter come from in there???  I definitely need a quilt studio!

Also, I'm behind on my Doodles BOM, I need to make three to catch up!  And what about the Quilty Barn Along and the Hello Moon?? 

Have a great Friday, I might not blog again for a while but I'll still be scrapping behind the scenes.  Sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. Oh Linda! Can I tell you how much I love that red??!! Fabric scraps on the car floor mat just means you're having fun. It's when you start walking around with fabric scraps on your butt that people start to talk....but let 'em!

    1. Hah! I can just hear them... "here comes ole scrappy butt!" Thanks for suggesting the red, it looks like a winner!

  2. WOW!!!!!

    Those look awesome! I broke out some scraps this week (some pre-cut squares I bought earlier this year) and am making a scrappy quilt. All sorts of color and pattern all over the place.

    LOVE your blocks!!

    1. I want to see what you do with your scrappy quilt - SCRAPS RULE!!! I liked your applique quilt and the mini quilts you're working on.

  3. Does that "go cutter" create more scraps? Do you have to feed it uniform pieces? I have never seen one.

  4. Hi Linda,
    That go cutter is cool to work with! I like the two patterns you created.
    Yay...main course salads! :)

  5. Linda????? I'm starting to get worried about you. Haven't heard from you in a month. I do hope all is well.


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