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Monday, April 8, 2013

A finish and a start

I should say an "almost" finish!  I got the Cobblestone baby quilt pieced and quilted, but I haven't attached the binding yet although it's sewn together.  Because I used fleece on the back without a batting, it's a bit thinner than a normal quilt, so I chose to use a 2" wide binding, which I cut with my GO cutter.  Always glad to have a reason to use that cutter!  I'll have a picture to show you tomorrow.

Little Isaiah across the street will be two years old this week so I thought I'd better finish the quilt I thought about doing a year ago, lest he's packing his bags for college before I get it done!  I've never done a bug jar pattern but I think they're so cute and I wanted to give it a try.  I found a really easy bug jar pattern on About.com that goes together quickly - Janet Wickell does a really great job as the quilting site guide. 

So I shopped my stash and pulled some kiddy-like prints - fishies, frogs, kitty-cats (they have a dog), birds for the kitties to chase, flies for the birds to eat ...

Some of these fabrics were used in the 3-month old's quilt that I just finished piecing, may as well get rid of it.  Isn't it interesting... at one time I would have said "oh no, I can't use all this  particular fabric, I might need it again!"  ???  Can't use it because I "might need it"?  Then, if or when I do  need it, does that mean I won't use it because I might need it some time in the future??  Mind boggling stuff that only a stashologist would understand, I tell ya!  (stashologist: one with a degree in stashology)

I found this piece of bug-jar fabric that I'll use on the back...
I don't remember where or when I bought it, but it's perfect for this little quilt!  And I have a cute idea for the bottom edge that I'll fussy-cut pieces from this fabric for...
The bug jar blocks will be 12", set 3 x 3 without a sashing.  I want the quilt to be 40x50, so side borders will widen it enough and the bottom edge will make it long enough.

After choosing 9 fabrics I did a test block to see if I really like it and guess what - I do!! 
After just a few minutes cutting and sewing, I have a great start on the quilt with a nice jar-o-frogs!

I want to thank everybody for checking in and giving a shout-out for your location.  I've visited some of your blogs before without realizing where you were, and your shout-out gives me a chance to visit blogs I never saw before.  And guess what - I totally forgot I had joined UnRuly Quilters until I saw that Lynn at Alamosa Quilter is a member too!  Oh man! 

Such is life when you're either absent-minded or uber-multi-tasking - sew forth and sew on...


  1. Oh, I did a bug jar quilt from Janet's pattern a couple of yrs. ago - and I had that same frog fabric (the jars were all filled with frog)! Small world

  2. You crack me up! Sew on. It's supposed to hit 60 today in southeastern MA.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Linda! I haven't been doing much unruly quilting recently either. Since I started working at my LQS I've had less time for "play" sewing. It isn't a popular style of quilting in my area. So I've had to cater to what is popular for the classes I offer. However, as I'm typing this it is occurring to me that maybe I should give it a try and offer an unruly/improv class next time just to see what happens.

  4. Stashology --- bwahahahahahaha... I need an advanced degree. Love it! This would be PERFECT fodder for a blog post!

    Oh, the two-year old will love the bug jar quilt! How fun!


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