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Friday, November 2, 2012

Still standing; business as usual more or less

Hi everybody; it didn't occur to me til yesterday that some people might think I haven't blogged because I was overcome by Sandy.  I'm happy to report I didn't have any problems at all... no power outage, no Direct TV outage, no downed trees - thank the Lord!

I do feel a bit concerned though; not only for all the people going through this, but also on a personal level.  My sister Michelle in Newark, New Jersey lost power around 6 pm on Monday evening and they're saying it won't be restored til Monday, but she isn't hopeful ... as we all know, the damage in New Jersey was truly awful.  They have a gas stove and they're able to light it with a match, so she can cook; but they haven't tried to light the furnace, so it's very cold in the house.  She's having to toss out food... she can only cook so much before it spoils.

Please keep them in your prayers!

In the category of "oh boy!" was this news item that the cruise ship Carnival Pride  is anchored off the coast of Baltimore because they had to cancel their October 29 departure, so they're offering a two-night "cruise to nowhere" for something like  $129 a person.  Since they won't be able to sail anywhere for a few days,  they're making the most of their at-anchor time.  Smart, eh??  Food, water, warm beds, entertainment... I could use a bit of cruise-ship pampering right now!

We had our WeeBee meeting Saturday, I meant to post these pictures the next day.  Anyway, it was a great meeting as usual... enjoy the pictures!
Marlene takes professional photos; Carolyn shows a silhouette photo quilt

Debbra likes her Fat Quarter bag enough to wear!

Me, and Felicia the Slow Quilter
You gotta love those wild shoes Yetunde wears!

More later - sew forth and sew on


  1. So glad your popped in, just so we know you are well. Believe me, a week for a city/area that size - wow, that is fast. We went longer in areas in our rural towns last year.

  2. Linda! I am so glad you weathered the storm and came out unscathed! The thought did cross my mind.
    We are literally worlds apart: where we live, age, political views...many different things set us apart- but this one thing, quilting, brings us together. Its amazing how something so simple can do that! Don't you think? I love to read your blog!
    I am glad you are well and good and I will be praying for your family.

  3. My son in law wears those shoes... Heck woman, get thee on a cruise ship! That's a deal! I'd be all over that!!!!!

  4. Glad to hear your safe. Glad to hear your sister is too but sorry she has to suffer the loss of electricity. I feel her pain. We went 12 days after IKE blew through. We had a generator so at least we could save our food and have some light. But no air. Got a little warm the last 3 days.


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