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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Doing the happy dance!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) your favorite socks
(2) a sense of humor
(3) turning off the TV

... til the elections are over, anyway!

You gotta love doing a happy dance, even if no one can see you.  In fact those are the best ones because as long as you don't hurt yourself, NOTHING you do is wrong!  Yesterday I was doing a happy dance for two reasons:  I picked up my second quilt from the quilter's and when I got home I had an unexpected squishy in the mail!

Don't you just love unexpected squishies?  Sandra, one of my guild friends, read my blog post about my long-delayed and overdue Christmas quilt.  To help speed the process she sent me some Christmas fabric from her stash, but it's no ordinary fabric -  it's Black santas! 
Isn't this pretty?  I've never been able to find any, and this will have a super-duper home in my quilt - thanks Sandy!!

And here's my string quilt, Stars and Stripes, that I picked up from Bernerdett yesterday:
The photo doesn't do it justice, she did a great job!

And take a closer look at this gorgeous quilting:
Bern did this all free-hand, she says she loves to just doodle.  She spends hours and hours with pencil and sketchpad, just doodling - I love it!

I'm deciding on a binding fabric for this one now, perhaps something in a dark blue.  Stars and Stripes is 82x73 and doesn't have a border; with so much scrappiness in the quilt, anything I use will be perfect.  I not only have another quilt done, I also got rid of some of those pesky strings ... which promptly multiplied!

Loving my quilt!  Sew forth and sew on...


  1. Love that quilt , Linda! I like squishies (and the boxy kind as well)! That makes getting the mail "more gooder".

    I'm with you. If it weren't for concern over some east coast friends and acquaintances, I'd have the television off.

    Please be careful with the weather. I think your quilting group should hole up in a swanky hotel and have a retreat. :-)

  2. She did indeed do a great job of quilting it. I think a dark blue with teeny red stars would be a perfect binding.

  3. Awesome quilt!!Yes,your christmas fabrics are prettiest!

  4. It worked just beautifully in the light/dark stars! Lovely and what great fabric you got! Be safe with the coming storm.

  5. OMG I'm SOOOO jealous!! I love Black Santas! I have an awesome collection, but I've never seen fabric - my my, just awesome!

  6. Cute fabric for the season ... and a great job on the quilt as well!

  7. The Santa fabric is fun. Your stars and stripes quilt turned out beautiful. I hope all goes well with you with hurricane Sandy.


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