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Friday, November 30, 2012

New Costco!

Yesterday was a banner day for our city - we now have a Costco conveniently located within the District of Columbia!  This Costco is sooooo much closer to me than any of the 4 that I sometimes visit.

It opened at 8 am, but Charlene and I got there around 10:00, just as most of the dignitaries - Vice President Biden, Mayor Grey (I think), some of the city council members - were leaving.  But there was still lots of good stuff to hold our attention!

Me... expert food taster!
 There were food tastings and product demos, as you find in all Costcos.  Let's see... I sampled kale salad, chicken salad, rotisserie chicken, cocktail weiners, apple crumb struesel, black forest ham, frozen yogurt, frozen latte, dried coconut, and steak - I passed on the smoked salmon and the olive salad!  From the juicer demo stations I sampled carrot-apple juice and warm tortilla soup.  Interesting thing about the juice... I could taste mostly carrots but Charlene tasted mostly apple.  hmmm

The parking lot and warehouse were jam-packed!  I asked, "Shouldn't these people be working this time of day??" Charlene (top) and I ran into fellow WeeBee members Jocelyn (left) and Gwen (right), who was there with her daughter.

The customer below was very  proud of her custom-made, crocheted earrings and she was excitedly describing another pair she had at home...
... that's all I'm saying...

You're probably thinking a Costco is a Costco is a Costco and you're right!  One thing that makes this one a bit different is their alcohol license; I understand they sell it in Virginia but I shop the Maryland warehouses 99.99% of the time and I've never seen it before, so it interested me!  They had lots and lots of ale, beer, wine, tequila...

Everybody seemed to be in a good mood; the warehouse seemed (to me) to have higher ceilings and brighter lights ... but that could just be the newness of it.  It was a beautiful day for an outing, the weather was a bit cold, but sunny - we had a pleasant morning. 

Oh, another great thing about the location?  It's on the way to my guild meeting, so I can stop in there when I need to pick up refreshments! 

Have a great Friday, sew forth and sew on!


  1. I have never been to a Costco (we have one about an hr. away) - any big area would not suit me with crowds or lots of walking.

    1. I think yesterday was so crowded (at that time of the morning) because it was opening day. Most of the aisles are wide enough to accommodate their scooters, I saw three people using them.

  2. we love costco, but it's an hour away, we either stop on the way from church or hubby goes there from work, we love the food there too! they sure beat sams and Bjs!

  3. Cheapest date in town for a hot dog and drink. Here in Washington State they are everywhere like Walmart is in the South. I hear your newest store is the largest one in the East, too! That's cool!

    I looooove Costco! They have good yummies!

  4. When I go to Costco I, too, do the taste thingy. We have a Sam's Club but there is a Costco near my daughter (about 2 hrs away)


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