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Monday, November 19, 2012

And still they come...

Three things to be happy about:
(1) 3-D movies
(2) opening a mason jar
(3) grinding your own coffee beans

I haven't ground my own coffee beans in a very long time but nothing beats a great cuppa first thing in the morning!  Yesterday morning I got up with a taste for bacon and french toast ... not pancakes or waffles - french toast!  The only bread choices I had were thin bagels or raisin bread or English muffins.  "French" toast from "English" muffins?? - I think not!  I should probably have asked: "French toast from thin bagels??"  Well, yes I did!  Actually it wasn't too bad in a pinch.

I'm still making blocks for my Christmas quilt, and I'm right pleased to share them with you today! 

First up is a silhouette that I'm calling my peace deer, simply because he seems to be just standing there without a worry.  I can't remember where I found this clipart, probably the same place I found the Santa and reindeer that I showed in an earlier post.

Now here are two that are my new favorites:
who can resist hot chocolate and hot cider!  The "a" is a bit wonky; maybe I can pry it up without damage and straighten it out...

One good-sized angel dressed in burgundy:
I think this block is something like 20 inches tall.

And of course no quilt is complete without rejects - here are two of em:
I want at least one house in my quilt, but this isn't the one!  After making this block I remembered the templates I used for the wonky house swap I was in last year (where are those blocks???).  I gave my sister that house quilt, and her granddaughter fell in love with it!  Shell told her she can sleep under it whenever she visits... it's making me rethink the raw-edge drunkard's path quilt I'm making for her.  Whatever.

The basket might do if something were appliqued in the space beneath the handle, but I'm just going to dump it and make another one that I like better, without the handle.  It'll be paper pieced, and I'll embellish with candy canes.

My idea is to make a number of large blocks with medium and small filler blocks scattered here and there.  I've almost reached the point where I can start grouping them together, and decide on either a horizontal or vertical layout. 

Right now it's kinda hard to say where each block will go but I can see a vague outline in my head.  Besides, I have more I want to make! The only real challenge I see is balancing the blocks so I don't have too many of the same backgrounds clumped together.  We'll see!

That's all for now, have a great Monday - sew forth and sew on!


  1. The "a" in cocoa looks fine. I would say "don't mess with it, unless it really bothers YOU"

  2. I didn't notice the "a", either. Looks like you've made good progress as well!


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