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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Doing my do

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a relaxing deep sleep
(2) honey roasted peanuts
(3) twirling your umbrella

Have your ever watched "How it's Made" on the Science channel?  They take 3 or 4 items - totally unrelated - and show how each is made.  As I'm writing this they're showcasing ski goggles, tower cranes, porcelain, and diesel engines.  That sort of reminds me of my happy list - things unrelated to each other but all good stuff if you look at them! 

And now, about doing my "do" - or should I say "re-doing my do".  If you've seen my picture, you're used to seeing me like this:

Blackberry picking at Butler's orchard in July!
I decided to try a new do at my loc maintenance salon, but first I had to cut my locs off...

I cut them, leaving my hair (more or less) 2 inches long all over my head!

Anyway, here's one version of my new do:

Does my head look like a cumquat??

Here's what it looks like in real life:
At my guild's jelly roll race in August - somebody needs to update her glasses!

Here's another version I got later with the little hairpiece further down, more towards the center of my head:

I think I like the first version a little better though.  I'll keep it like this til it's long enough for something else... who knows what!

More later, my WeeBee'er meet today - sew forth and sew on!


  1. Cool! How long did you have to sit still for that? My mom used to french braid my hair and did only one side a day.

  2. I think it looks quite wonderful with the hairpiece in either position! If I had to sit that long to get my hair done, for-get a-bout-it! I would go with a nice little afro. I just couldn't have my hair pulled that tight either, I suffer from migraines, and uh uh! Not gonna happen here. I have to give you credit, it looks wonderful!

  3. I love the new style(set farther up). It looks like a comfortable style for warmer weather.

  4. I like the it further up also. It's a great look.

  5. I bet that brings out your eyes. I'm going for a new color tomorrow. Going bold!

  6. I love the new style and I am envious cause I don't have enough hair anymore to even do one little braid.


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