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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 3: in which we wait in lines

Oh my, how the time has flown!  Yesterday was the last full day Shell and Curt were here and we spent it visiting the casino.  Actually I think more time was spent going TO the casino than actually being there!  I couldn't believe the line of traffic on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway - what should have taken 45 minutes turned into a 2-hour trip, sheesh!  And parking was another nightmare, we had to park in a restaurant parking lot and cross our fingers.  Yesterday they were having a giveaway promo that brought out the crowds!

But the good news is we made it to the casino, even though the machines were full full full!  And then if you got a chance to play your favorite, the lines to cash in your winnings were off the chart - more waiting!  Shell and Curt liked the place, but they were saying it was very small (it is) and crowded (it was) and a lot of the machines were out of order (they were).  We left there around 3:30 and were back home by 4:15.

And now today *sob* we said our goodbyes and I dropped them at the train station, but not before I gifted Shell with one of my quilts, my Houses of a Different Color
Do you think she likes it?  LOL 

She promises to come back next July with her oldest granddaughter, Elise.

I got a couple more pieces of black and white fabric cut, no sewing this time.  I think this is all I'll share with you til I finish the quilt!  ;o)

Today its errands then back home to do whatever it is I do all day... probably re-clutter my sewing stuff!  Have a great Wednesday  Thursday - sew forth and sew on!


  1. Oh I love that quilt. I know she will treasure that masterpiece... sew-on my friend...

  2. Yes, she will treasure those houses filled with love.
    Yes, traffic in your neck of the woods is AWFUL. It says a lot for your patience to spend all that time in lines of people and traffic.


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