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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Guild meeting fun

Three things to be happy about:
(1) landscape paintings
(2) pinwheels whirring
(3) a foot massage

Yesterday was National Quilting Day, and we had another great guild meeting - with beautiful weather for it!  Charley finished the second part of her fractured workshop, she makes all those tiny seams look so easy! 

Remember all the free patterns Nadine generously donated to us last month?  Well, Ashley not only took some home, but she made a cute stuffed elephant from one of them!
I like to see resources being used... and look, she interrupted her knitting project to pose with her elephant - a very multi-talented young lady!

One of my favorite parts of every meeting is always the show n tell, I love seeing what everybody has been up to since the last meeting.  Yesterday seemed to be THE day for my favorite kind of quilts - scrap-happy! 

Barbara made this beautiful pinwheel quilt...

Trust me, the picture doesn't do it justice!  I like the border treatment... she used leftover pinwheel triangles, and she also diagonally pieced the outer border to continue on the movement within the quilt.

Adrienne showed us three quilts, and this one was my favorite...
lookit those gorgeous colors - and the back was just as pretty as the front!

And I couldn't go without getting just two more pictures - you ever have the feeling you're being watched??

It was Jeanette's t-shirt that she bought at the Hampton show on our bus trip last month!  I thought it was such a fun shirt!  I like how we get every last drop of enjoyment from our meetings, all the way down to the bare bones...

Now I'm not saying whose plate that is, but her name MIGHT start with S, and she MIGHT be on the membership committee, LOL.

Have a nice Sunday, sew forth and sew on

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  1. Wow! Those quilts were worth the trip to see. I just love the first one.


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