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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday afternoon x and +

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a nest of blankets and pillows
(2) an ice sculpture
(3) bracing, healthful air

Hello everybody, hi followers!  Yesterday was such a beautiful day... a bit "nippish" earlier in the morning, but the afternoon felt really good!  I met a friend for lunch and a movie in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland;  it was a nice experience. 

downtown Silver Spring, Maryland
This is an area that's very pedestrian-friendly, not only in the plaza but several streets are blocked off on the weekends, just for us happy-feet people!  

Isn't that an interesting bench?  I've driven through this area dozens (maybe hundreds!) of times on an errand to a specific place, but I never TOOK the time to just stroll through there and enjoy all the shops, eateries and restaurants.  I need to stop more and smell the roses - uh, cherry trees!

We saw the new Tyler Perry movie, Good Deeds, and we both enjoyed it... I recommend it if you want to see a "classic Tyler Perry" kind of movie. 

I pieced two more x and + blocks... why is it I don't see problems til after I put the block together?  In this case I'm referring to the brown block at the top... on hindsight it should have been cut as a diagonal!
The salamanders come across as a stripe, so they should be crawling towards the corner.

This is the other one I did...

so this brings my total up to 12 for this project. 

I'm thinking maybe I'll do a 7 by 8 arrangement, and increase the size with whatever border treatment I decide on. 

So that's it for now, have a great Monday!  Sew forth and sew on...


  1. Today's Japan Times (English newspaper) had a picture of the D.C. cherry trees in bloom. I am still waiting for my plum to have more than a handfull of blooms.
    The x and + pieces can be cut in any direction. I cut some with the print and some with the grain depending on the size and shape of the scrap I was using. I think it will not matter when all those scrappy pieces get put together. My blocks are only 5 inches but I have enough for a pretty big quilt.

  2. I like the way you are constructing you blocks so that the X pieces don't match, but the rest do. It really makes them interesting. It will be fun to see them all together. The salamanders work as they are, but they would be interesting all marching toward the center, too.

  3. I would love to see the Cherry trees in bloom - must be a glorious vision by eye and scent. Love your + blocks.


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