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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday morning lie-in

... or is it "lay-in"?  I'm not sure, but it felt great to sleep til I woke naturally, even though it was only 8:30!

Yesterday I sewed what I consider the last border on my Friend and Family day challenge quilt, but again it's not showable just yet.  Did you ever have a great design idea in your head, then put it to paper and it looked okay, but in reality it didn't?  Well, that's what this one did to me, but I'm not in the mood to redo it.  Someone will like getting this quilt, I just know it!

Today I have the dentist (yuck!) and I have a boat load of books to donate.  You ever seen this many books outside a library??

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!  Some of my favorite authors are in the box - John Sanford (I really like his "prey" series), James Patterson, Jeffrey Deaver, Ken Follett, Patricia Cornwell...  I used to buy the hardback books and I was reading most of them just one time, then they'd go on the shelf or get stacked wherever they fit.  Then I got smart and started getting them from the library, doh!  But meanwhile I have all these books I won't read again, so the smart thing is to donate them and take the little tax write off; somebody will get a great deal on these books!

Sunday there was an open house on the renovated house next to me and a bunch of us from the 'hood went in to check it out.  They did a nice job, but I wouldn't want to move next door... I mean it's better than it was but well, you know...

I took a picture of the dining room and kitchen area... they moved the kitchen from my side of the common wall to the enclosed porch across the back of the house...
This shot of the kitchen was taken from the dining room doorway; out the window there's a "great" view of electrical wires and a telephone pole.  Notice all the counter space?  I didn't think so, there's hardly any there!

Here's another view taken from the end of the kitchen...

I was standing in the table space at the end of the room.  For reference, the house is about 17 feet wide.

Well, that's all my chat today, I hope you have a great Tuesday - get off the blogs, get outside and enjoy that extra hour!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Things 'lay', people 'lie'. That is how I remember it. There are more of these little sayings to make you remember.

    You sound busy and productive. You need rest in order to produce projects you like and you do know that creative juices flow when you sleep.

  2. Girl you don't know what reading is until you have seen all the books I had. I needed to come to your house to look over some of the books. I am reading James Patterson book called Witch & Wizard, something I had picked up when I was working for B&N a free copy.

  3. Wow, I did not know you were a James Patterson fan. My Mom reads all of his books. I like the kitchen, they did a very good job. The kitchen is very bright. I must agree no counter space.


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