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Monday, March 26, 2018

Stay-at-home bee

Saturday was my regular bee meeting day but the center where we meet was having a large meeting, and the room was not available.

So, since I had put together some things I wanted to work on during the meeting, I decided to dedicate three hours to working on it - at home!

This flying geese quilt top has been folded up and "laying-in-waiting" for a long time now. 

I started it in 2012 (read the post here), and when I put the final brown strips on I put it aside til I could decide what to do for a final border. 

I decided on a homespun/plaid piano key border, and I had been piecing these strips together off and on - whenever the mood struck me.  No hurry at all to finish this!

During my bee-time I pieced twosies, to foursies - enough to make several 6" wide groups. 

The foursies got pieced into long strips, to be trimmed down to a slightly narrower size because some of my edges were sorta wavy.
Unfortunately, that's the nature of homespun!

So that was my bee day - sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. have you tried starching homespun? I use non-aerosol Niagra for just about all my fabric before cutting. it's made a huge difference in accuracy, especially on anything sewn on the bias or things like homespun and flannel that tend to easily stretch.

  2. It will look great when finished.

  3. I like how you did your flying geese. I've never thought about string piecing then cutting. Cool idea


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