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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Guild BOM

I had totally forgotten about the BOM's my guild is doing this year until yesterday morning.

This is January's BOM - 1930's Square. 

This year we have three choices of the blocks we want to do - beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

I took the middle of the road just to get them done quickly, so I can show something at the meeting.

February's BOM - Castle in the Air.

I need to do the dark corner squares and two more of the combination blocks (two were cut too small).

My thoughts for these blocks are to use that one background fabric, and blue/green batiks.

March BOM - Arkansas Cross Roads. 

All the blocks are from Quilters' Cache and they will all be 12".

When working on these blocks I realized how accustomed I am to working with smaller sizes!  I felt really clumsy slapping four 6" slabs together to make a block, geeez!

I don't like the corner cutouts on these, I might replace them if I don't run out of the background fabric.

That's it for now, guild today - sew forth and sew on til later!

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  1. Ha, ha — I TOTALLY understand what you’re saying about larger pieces. 2.5” is huge to me now as I’ve been working on a couple projects using 1-1/4” squares.....


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