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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The prodigal returns - with a giveaway!

Hello everybody, it's been a looonnnng time since my last blog post... they say time flies when you're having fun, but 5 months??   Thanks for checking in.

It also occurred to me that my blog will be six years old next month (my 6th anniversary!) and I have a gift for one of my US visitors!  As you all know I love working with scraps and crumbs, especially when there's a large amount, and MORE especially when some were gifted!  So much quilty opportunity in a sack o' scraps.

I love taking it from this...

to this...

to this...

That's where you come in - some lucky person will receive thirty - no, FORTY - "opportunity" blocks from my scraps!

There's a lot red in there...
and words - I love words!

Ugly fabric is hiding in there too!

But you know what happens when you trim up crumb blocks?
yep - more scraps!

I gave some blocks away at my Bee's retreat in August, Linda made this cute quilt:

I made this quilt (A Star is Borne) in 2011 and it's become a favorite of mine:

So, if you live in the US and are interested in this giveaway, just leave a comment saying what you'd do with crumby opportunity blocks - that's all, no "strings" attached!  There's so much you can do with crumb blocks, I look forward to seeing your ideas.  On Monday evening (October 24), I'll draw a name and the lucky winner will be announced in Tuesday morning's blog.  

So spread the word, and leave a comment by 10 pm Monday night.  Opportunity could be knocking at your door!  

Sew forth and sew on...


  1. Welcome back! I LOVE Linda's quilt. I would love to do one like that. Scrap quilts are my favorite. The black and white sashing really sets those beautiful stars off perfectly.

  2. Welcome back! Have you been up to all kinds of scrappy fun that you can show us? (I hope I hope)
    I love Linda's quilt - using crumb blocks for the center of economy blocks is such a delicious idea. Her quilt is just gorgeous! And now I want to make one, too!
    I'm filing away your stars quilt as a must-make, too. Especially love that stripey sashing!

  3. I have started a quilt with crumb blocks as the centers. It is put away right now, as crumb blocks are not my favorite to make. Love the star is born quilt.

  4. WOW!! Linda, I can't believe it has been 5 months since your last post. I have never used a crumble block so I don't know what I might do with the winnings, probably make a project that you have done :)

  5. Oh my, I think you're on to something! Beautiful quilts. Wonderful give away idea.

  6. Love how you are making use of your scraps, down to the last yummy little crumb! I would use those scrappy crumb blocks as the centers for some sawtooth stars.

  7. I am working on a star block and I need those blocks.

  8. Happy Anniversary and welcome back. Wonderful use of your scraps (don't enter me as I have more than I can handle right now). I like Susan's idea of using them in the center of a sawtooth star.

  9. Hey Linda, I would love The blocks as a border on a quilt.

  10. Hi Linda, Thank you for highlighting my quilt! I hope to finish it soon. If I am a winner I would make a table runner next time or possibly mug rugs.

  11. Wow -- has it really been 5 months? I'd say I missed you but....I'm a bit behind on everything. That's what happens when a puppy enters your life......quilting definitely takes a back seat. Welcome back.

  12. Crumby opportunity would allow my granddaughters to make a fun charity quilt. The bright colors will keep them happy and they won't have to sew a full quilt's worth of crumb blocks which would test their childish patience.

  13. Love what has been done with those scrappy blocks. Even living out of the states, the scraps accumulate beyond belief. I like your solution.


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