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Monday, May 2, 2016

Seeing stars

Three things to be happy about:
(1) turning the calendar
(2) seeing stars
(3) Ott lights

Saturday I took a portrait workshop with four friends taught by Yetunde, better known as Sistah Stitchalot.

It was really laid back, and we had a lot of fun fusing and trimming and cutting and chatting!

Most of us finished our portrait - looking good Gwen!

Penny (Livin' Blue Quilter) finished her granddaughter's portrait.  She fought the glasses, wanting to take them out, but Yetunda made her keep them in - good decision!

Tammy did a portrait of Lawrence Fishburn, and made his sunglasses from glittery fabric.  I'd never have thought to do that - very clever!

And last but not least, yours truly!

I actually finished the layers during the workshop, now I have to quilt it and add a border, yes!!!

Meanwhile I've been seeing other stars!  I'm working on these little star blocks for my Bee's community service, due in August.

I'm using 2-1/2" neutral squares, with random scraps for the star points.

So far I've pieced enough for 13 blocks that should finish at 6 inches.  My thought is to use red centers as the one constant fabric.

When I decided to use stars I planned to just set them with sashing on each side.  But just this morning I was thinking of using 9-patches as alternate blocks and eliminating the sashing.

We'll see....

That's it for now, time for breffus!  Sew forth and sew n til later!


  1. What a great class to take. Your portrait looks great. Glad to know that you have start your service project.

  2. All of the portraits came out really nice. Who knew this was our first time doing something like this. Thanks again.

  3. That workshop looks fascinating! The portaits you all made look absolutely wonderful - Yetunda must be a really good teacher.
    I love your wonky little stars, too. They'll be fun to play with as you decide on a setting. (And isn't that half the fun?)

  4. Looks like you all had fun with the class - everyone's portrait came out so beautiful.

  5. Wow! what a fun class! Love all the portraits -- yours is great! It looks like it was tough to do....

  6. I'm amazed at all the portraits! They are really fantastic and I can't believe you ladies just "did them" in a single class. Mind boggling. Love your stars and, of course, RED is the perfect choice for the centers. :)

  7. Very impressed with your portrait and those of your friends and I'm happy my sprained back is on the mend!


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