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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Happy, happy, happy

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a new toothbrush
(2) shopping at the dollar store
(3) caller ID

In June I spent a week at "the happiest place on Earth" with my sister, her son and three grandkids.

The weather was hot, hot, hot, except when it rained - then it was hot, hot and steamy!

I have no earthly idea who this blue character is, but the kids knew him and were over the moon at getting his autograph (such as it was).  

At ages 10 and 5 (twins), they had a ball!  They had absolutely no idea they were going to Disney World until that morning when they were about to leave for the airport.  My sister flew down to Atlanta to get them, and they thought they were going to have a "hotel vacation" with her for a few days.

I swanee, they were marching all over those parks without breaking a sweat - I was dragging after the third day!

We stayed at a villa in the Sheraton Vistana Villages in Orlando.

It was a very nice place with full accommodations, a golf cart for transportation if you wanted it (I did, lazy girl!), a little grocery store and a daily shuttle to the theme park.

A happy trip that the kids will remember!

One of my favorite things from Costco popped back up on the shelves recently - happy dance!

I love Penguin cornbread mix, and the box I bought last December ran out long before I was ready for it to.  I couldn't find it at Costco or any other store, so I went to the Penguin website and they had it listed in their store - but it was sold out!  When I emailed them I found out they make it exclusively for Costco, and only when Costco places the order in September; if there's any left over they offer it for sale on their website.

So, since late September I've been haunting the ready-mix aisle in Costco and finally it paid off - I got two boxes this time!  The use-by date is 2018 so I know it won't go bad.  Happy, happy!

Another little happy - my entire body was smiling at the movies yesterday.  See those happy feet reclining on that soft leather footrest?  A couple friends and I went to see Girl on the Train yesterday at the AMC theater in Wheaton Plaza.  The theater was renovated and has only been open about 3 weeks, and the reclining roomy seats were a pleasant surprise!  We even had to "reserve" our seats when we bought the tickets - go figure!

That's almost enough to keep me grinning all day - well, maybe not.  Today there will be a little sorting of fabric and a bit of sewing.  Whatever you do, enjoy your day; sew forth and sew on til later...

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  1. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to keep up with 3 kids at Disney World. Good for you! Those movie seats look divine.....


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