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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lazy is as lazy does...

Three things to be happy about:
(1) glitter pens
(2) a new Keepsake Quilting catalog
(3) Geek Squad online support

Hello everybody!  Last time you saw me I was about to eat a big ole bowl of oatmeal ... well, I ate it and it was delish!  Gonna have another one soon as I finish this post!  Meanwhile I've been a lazy blogger and a lazy quilter  :o)

I had an issue with my PC recently when I couldn't open the virus scan program and then I realized I didn't even know when the last scan happened!  Yikes, how long was I swinging without a net, so to speak.  Thank goodness I got the Geek Squad support contract when I bought the new PC; they took care of it for me in short order and did a complete scan.  He assured me I didn't have any trojans or malware on my PC, so I feel better - whew!

Here's one of the blocks I made for the Christmas block swap with my bee.  I intended to use just one tree per block but it looked so lonely sitting there in all the white space, I put two on... now instead of having 6 items to stitch down per block - I have 12!

I wish the blocks were size 10, but it's not my swap - oh well...

This HO HO HO block is suffering from the same thing - too much white space!

One option is to make the letters half again as large; I don't want to get into putting doo-dads on the block just to fill in the space...

... or I could put each word onto it's own little rectangle and stitch that down, as shown in the sample from my last post.

Keep it simple, Linda!

That's it for now, it snowed a bit sometime before I woke up; they're offering Federal government employees unscheduled leave/telework options - that's my gauge of how awful they expect the snow to get.  Oh well, sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. I have trouble with large blocks - I do love those trees though. I think it is a day to stay home.

  2. I think your trees look very cute, and 2 was definitely a good choice. As for the "HO" I bet making them 50% better will fill the space nicely. Isn't it funny how BIG a 12" block feels?


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