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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's in the bag

Three things to be happy about:
(1) springwater
(2) homemade fudge
(3) toddlers just learning to talk

My neighbors across the street have an 17 month old that's cute as a button!  It used to be when saw Isaiah and said "hi Isaiah!" he'd go "Blib bub oomp".  Lately when I say "hey Isaiah!" he goes "Blib bub oomp dap blup blop fwoop mlyap muuwp bliff maap fwip" while pointing his finger.  Coming right along... that boy will be a high school grad before you know it!

This one's mine!
 At guild meeting Saturday Nadine showed us a pretty fat quarter bag that Debbra made, to hold quilts.  When Nadine said how many quilts she was able to get in there, I was intrigued - there's nothing like a guild meeting to get your juices going!  I found the pattern online at AllFreeSewing.com and thought I'd give it a whirl.

All I can say is - Easy!

From my batik stash yesterday I cut six pieces for the outside, and one large piece for the inside and straps.  I didn't think to take pictures while I was working on it, but it would have just been filler anyway  ;o)

The bag is humongous all put together, the lining is cut at a generous 38-1/2 x 51-1/2 so it's a pretty roomy bag.  I put a few quilts in it to see what I see....

I was able to get five (5) quilts in my bag, and there was room for more!  The largest one was a full size measuring something like 82 x 95 ... for some strange reason I never put a label on that big ole quilt???  I definitely remember writing "A Star is Borne" someplace, I thought it was on an entry form... but I digress.

These were all in the bag!

The instructions call for 40" straps which are okay, but when I do it again I'll make the straps a bit longer. I'd tell you the most difficult part about making this bag, but there really is no difficult part - unless you want to consider turning those straps difficult... a 2 x 40" tube is bit fiddly to turn!  (I've always wanted to use that word! I know a lady from England who says fiddly and pest:  "That beltway is a bit of a pest at rush hour!"  She also makes delicious scones with some kind of lemon curd sauce!)

Anyway, I like the bag and will probably make another one... but do I need two of em???  Of course I do!!

Well, today I'm having lunch with Josie, my neighbor 4 doors down; then its back home for some serious sewing.  She's never been to Wegman's and I could use a quick run by Costco, so it's all good ... they're in the same shopping center.  Have a great Tuesday!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. I had to go have a look see at the pattern source - funny as this is a pattern with the Cooperative Extension and is a sewing pattern I learned back when I was in 4-H (40 yrs. ago). We made them for camp as our 'duffle' bags. They do hold a lot of stuff.

  2. Ok, I am not a bag lady but I think I can do this...will keep you posted.

  3. I like your #3 today. Just had my grandbaby visit and I'm missing the "little talk"


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