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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's almost magic

Three things to be happy about:
(1) stew fixings
(2) anticipation
(3) going to bed content

Hello everybody, hi new followers!!  *big wave*

You'll probably notice some changes on my layout:  I moved my labels to the very bottom of the page, they were taking up too much real estate!  So if you're looking for a particular subject, just scroll all the way to the bottom and click on it, or use the Google search area at the top of the blog.  Also, I changed it so that that are no more than 3 blogs per page; sometimes I'm sorta heavy on the pictures!

Part of my big furniture swap is done, thank goodness!  Yesterday morning my neighbor across the street came over to help me disassemble my bed... at 8 o'clock, sheesh!  But this was good timing because Macy's was due to deliver my new bed and table between 11:15 and 1:15.  The bed was easy to disassemble and we did it in about 10 minutes, but it needed two people because the pieces were so heavy.  When Macy's came (at 12:50) I was tickled at the "red carpet" treatment I got.

I also got "blue overshoe" treatment!  They put these blue covers over their shoes before they came into the house.  If I had known ahead of time I'd of sprayed Endust on the floor so they could pull double duty with those footies!

So, my new bed is ready to roll... they squeezed it in there, didn't they?
This quilt is one I made for my sister Ruby in 1997; when she passed away in '08 I asked my BIL for it and he was nice enough to send it along. Notice the little elephant block? Ruby was a Delta, which as you know has the elephant as their mascot. But actually she was collecting elephants long before she bacame a Delta.

Long story short, I got my new stuff delivered; Salvation Army is due today to pick up the old bed and chest.

I haven't done too much sewing the last couple of days.  I put the last two borders on my latest Three-Six-Twelve quilt (made with African fabrics), so now the top is all ready for quilting, yesss!!

I had picked up (again) the quilting on this little modified drunkard's path quilt but I felt too distracted to work on it with everything else going on, so I pieced a few crumb blocks while waiting for the delivery people. 

modified Drunkard's Path

crumb blocks

These will probably be cut into regular sized blocks and used in some unspecified project later on... I think it's always good to have a ready supply of crumb blocks!

That's it for now, have a great Wednesday... sew forth and sew on


  1. I love Ruby's quilt. My daughter is a Delta and we have always had a houseful of elephants. I am still finding long after she has moved out! Congratulations on the new furniture.

  2. Good Job on the new bed installation, the quilt looks great on the bed.

  3. Pretty new bed! I love my bed.. it's my queenly throne...

    I smiled at your three things. Those make me smile, too!


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