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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Still stringing along

Three things to be happy about:
(1) reading in a bookstore
(2) doing one thing at a time
(3) not answering the phone

Has anybody except me had enough of the campaign robo-calls??  It almost makes me want to make a list and go "okay, this one and this one and this one won't get my vote..."  One call is enough, why keep bombarding the good folks??

I made a big ole bread pudding yesterday that turned out ... pretty bad!  They say if you're a good cook, you really don't need a recipe for bread pudding, it should be by instinct. 

For some reason I put myself into the "pretty good cook" category and decided to wing it with this bread pudding.  Someone (not calling any names, but it MIGHT be something like "Elsie") told me that she used one of those liquid flavored coffee creamers instead of milk and hers turned out really good!  Well, I went and got a big bottle of creamer, French vanilla flavored, and  ... eeeech! 

My bread pudding turned out so bad I reserve the right to not show it with the lid off the dish!  The texture was sort of like ... you ever see milk when it "separates"?  Well, that's what it looked like.  So much for winged bread pudding!  If anyone has a pretty good recipe for bread pudding, please pass it on!

I was invited to join the String Thing Along challenge, and I've started another set of string blocks - strings are so easy to do! 

I've decided to make a star block, with strings in the middle position. 

Because that middle block will be sort of on the small size, I wanted the strings to be no wider than 1-1/2", else I wouldn't get the effect I want. 

I trimmed some of them down to the size I wanted, I have a lot of wide pieces ... I think they're from cutting 2" or 2-1/2" strips that got skewed, so I just tossed them in the string bin.

These are the untrimmed string blocks I pieced this morning!  There are six, I only need three more for the design I have in mind.  I wanted to keep this one bright, so it's looking good already!

More later, have a great Tuesday.  Sew forth and sew on...


  1. I can't tell you how angry it makes me that we can now get telemarketing calls on our cell phones! I would never buy from anyone who invades my privacy like that!
    I love your string blocks! The colors are wonderful!

  2. I hate those calls! hate em!
    Bummer on the bread pudding. There's nothing worse than wasting ingredients, plus having something you really, really want not turn out. You, my dear, are the queen of string!

  3. Had a lovely browse thru "Strings" - congrats on the invite. I don't care for bread pudding. Enjoy your day of sewing string.

  4. What I hate are those calls that are made by a machine. You can't even insult them by hanging up.

  5. I was laughing out lout at your eeeech! Not in a bad way....but in an I know how that feels kinda way! Here's the bread and butter pudding recipe I use....


    If you don't like marmalade, it works just as well with jam.

    Now all I need to do is wait until it gets cool enough to make one!


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