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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Almost strung out

Not me, not me - the string blocks!!!

I set out to do nine large blocks for my wall hanging, and this is an idea I'll definitely use again!  When you think how simple they are to do, you just want to do more. 
After piecing my central stringed part, I added borders for a diamond-in-a-square block and trimmed it down to 5-1/2 inches.  

This is what I worked with for all the central squares of my star block:
I decided to keep the border all the same for each block, to give the eye a quiet place to rest!  Also, you can still see that the center is made from strings, which was the whole point in making the quilt.  I used larger than necessary squares for this one because I wanted to twist the blocks and I knew I'd lose some of the border.

Now here they all are on my design wall!

See how some twist to the right, and some to the left?  I made a (roughly) 15-1/2 inch block, then used a 12-1/2 ruler to twist-trim it down.  Why 12-1/2?  Because that happened to be the size ruler I had... the next smaller size ruler I have is 9-1/2", and I'd have lost too much with that one.  Also, I wanted the center block to be large enough to give a decent nod to the strings!

Now my next task is to put sashings between them.  I want to keep it simple so the stars will shine... Bonnie made her Story Time Stars quilt with black and white sashing, which really set off the stars.  But I want to take an easier way out just to get this one done... thinking of just using a reads-as-solid fabric for the sashing?

Or heck, maybe I'll go ahead and make a pieced sashing!

Well, today is downright cold, temps in the 50's!  I wish I didn't have to go out but I have to see the eye doctor for my annual exam, which includes that pressure test where they squirt air into the eye.  I hate that almost as much as when they put the dilating stuff in there... makes your eyes feel big as saucers!

Have a great day everyone, thanks for your comments!   Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Linda, those are just happy stars! I love them. And a 12-1/2 inch size is perfect to showcase all the bits and pieces.

  2. Those are beautiful and love hou you use your string blocks,that`t fabulous!!

  3. You are such a good string piecer. I have all of those strings prepared to complete the Orca Bay mystery quilt and I get a headache every time I look at them. Your stars are gorgeous and colourful!

  4. Great blocks - a blender solid or even a black w/tiny white or multi color dot would make a great showcase sashing and be quick.

  5. I love these Linda. Really pretty.

  6. WOW i never thought of anything so clever with string blocks. What a GREAT idea!! They are fabulous and look so happy and cheerful! Thanks so much for sharing your great quilt.


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