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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little bits and big bites

Three things to be happy about:
(1) caring friends
(2) the squish of soaked grass
(3) mascarpone cheesecake

What in the world is mascarpone cheesecake?  Oh well, if it makes ya happy, go for it!

While I was MIA I got a very nice email from one of my readers that really touched my heart:
Hi, I am a daily reader of your very nice blog and I miss seeing you post – I hope that you are not ill and that all is well at your house.  Hope you are just taking a rest from it and hurry back soon.
That was so sweet of her; it feels so good to know someone out there cares for me - thanks again, Marie!  :o)

Yesterday I pieced some scrap yardage to make my applique border for the crumb stars quilt; I already had some blue in my stash, so I made the red. 

I decided to make some over-large flowers with a slinky stems... or maybe just a winding stem with flowers scattered along the border?  In any case, I'd like to make a yellow piece, then I'll be ready to fuse and cut! 

The culprit
 You ever have a good idea and regret it later?  When I took a friend to Wegman's on her first trip, I got a carton of their butternut squash soup - good idea because I love butternut squash soup!   I wasn't too-too hungry for dinner so I thought I'd have a cup of that soup.

Well, it was so good without too many carbs, so I had another bowl... bad idea!

Just shortly after I finished eating it I became very very aware of a "secret" ingredient - garlic puree!  Ouch!  Talk about heartburn city, I was there!

Lucky for me I reached the border after a few hours, but I tossed out the rest of the soup.  Too bad, because it was good!

Well, that's my tale and I'm sticking with it.  Today I'm grabbing Feesha and we're heading out to the Faithful Circle quilt show - bye everybody, have a great day!

Sew forth and sew on til later


  1. Welcome back! (I've been MIA a lot lately, too.) Your scraps look so pretty together.

  2. Well, we do miss our 'peeps' when they post regular and then are gone - enjoy your quilt show trip.

  3. Now that I'm pregnant I get heartburn daily, mostly from tomatoes, but really from "anything". if it's really bad at night when I need to sleep, I actually drink 2 tbsp of vinegar (straight if possible) or add a little water, but within 10 min it's gone! and mine is really bad now adays.

  4. I was wondering why Mascarponi cheesecake was so far down the list. Definitely friends come first. Sad about the soup. I have issues with that kind of ingedient too.

  5. I've been MIA on comments...I really have to get back to that soon.

    As I get older, I seem to have trouble eating some of the dishes I used to eat with no trouble..Happens to the best of us....


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