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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Golden oldies

Three things to be happy about:
(1) all of the socks emerging from the dryer
(2) motion-sensitive lights
(3) smiling at nothing in particular

I found a picture yesterday that made me smile... and remember those long, long ago days when I was at less than the midpoint(?) of my Federal career.

Please don't ask me the year this picture of me was taken!  Evidently I had completed a major project that they wanted to commemorate with a photo.  My boss, John Philips, is holding a Regulatory Guide that I must have completed;  Reg Guides were one of the guideline documents the NRC engineers used in overseeing construction and operation of nuclear plants. 

The equipment in the background isn't a PC, it has KODAK on the label.  We used to have equipment with monitors that connected to a large mainframe that sat on one side of the room; documents were saved on hard disks that sort of looked like those old 8-track disks.  Who knows...

Moving right along...

When I was trimming the string blocks for my stars, I started tossing out the trimmings until I took another look at them my mind started churning. 

Now, the average person would have just tossed them in the trash and kept going - thank goodness I'm above average!

You have to admit, those are pretty decent sized pieces if you're a crumb champion!

I got the bright idea to sew them onto strips and see what I came up with; I think they have potential.

trimmings attached to strings

two "leftover trimmings" made into crumb
Crumbs unite!

Have a great Thursday; sew forth and sew on...


  1. I've done that, too! Thrown away some little scraps, only to retrieve them and sew them together to get some "made" fabric! Love your pic with your boss! :-)

  2. Anything smaller than one inch square goes into the trash. I'm afraid a maching might cause me to never get rid of anything ... and I would be buried in fabric.

  3. Linda I just found your blog on Victoria Findlay Wolfe's blog and your name of your Blog Eat, Sleep and Quilt, was great and I had to go visit.. And I was sew excited to see how you treasure your "crumbs" ( I love that term by the way) and I like how you sew them onto a strip. Good idea.
    I came from middle class family that didn't have a whole lot and saved coke bottles to turn in to get bread and milk. LOL So I can't be wasteful with that kind of back ground, now can I? LOL
    At the price material goes for now, Oh My Goodness I can't bare to throw away the iddy biddys in my can. You won't find too much material in my trash can by my sewing machine and me. LOL
    Happy Trails and may the dear Lord take a likin to ya...Pat


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