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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Signs of the time

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a smile from a stranger
(2) coconut oil
(3) the great "fall back"

Signs of the time - or times of the sign?

Street sweeping in The District officially ended October 31, but truth be told?  That rascal hasn't shown up in my neighborhood for the last 4 weeks!

The sweeping schedule usually coincides with the time change, and nothing says Fall (or Spring) like the changing of the clocks!

The clocks on my iPad, iPod, Kindle, cell phone, land line, PC and TVs change themselves but you know something strange?  Even though they're supposedly controlled by that great timepiece in the sky, they don't all have the same time!

Go figure.

So how many, how many clocks do I have to change this year???

Starting with kitchen there's the big one over the doorway...

the little one over the other doorway... 

and the one on the stove. 

This one in my sewing room.

It's been more than an hour and 20 minutes slow all year, not fixed because it's in an awkward place over a storage unit.

But now that we've fallen back?  It's only 20 minutes slow, yesss!

Do you have a clock in your bathroom???

I also have a calendar hanging in there; a holdover from my childhood I guess.

Let's see ... I also have to change my watches, the bedside table clock-radio, the clock on my desk.  And oh yeah - the one in the car!  I won't bother with the one in my camera.

They all seem to be just a bit off  time wise, but it doesn't phase me.  But no matter what time the clock says, my tummy says it time for breffus!   Have a great day, take time for something fun, reset the clocks that matter, sew forth and sew on...


  1. I once had a car where the clock setting mechanism was broken (and wrong), so for half the year it was 20 minutes fast, and the other half it was 40 minutes slow. It's a wonder I ever got to work on time...

  2. I have a clock in every room in the house - and yes, I have one in each bathroom. I still work, so I need to know what time it is when I get ready in the morning!

  3. I only have one clock I have to set manually - the rest are automatic, and yes - they never are the same time.


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