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Friday, November 25, 2016

It's a Mystery!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) Black Friday deals (for those of you who go there)
(2) The Vermont Country Store
(3) Jingle bells

Yes, it's a mystery ... it's a mystery why I procrastinate so much!  By now I should have finished the granny square quilt I was working so diligently on ... oh well, I fotted around and didn't reach my goal!  

While my Scrap Crystals top was at Missouri Star being quilted I was supposed to make the binding so that when I got it back, I could just sew it right on.

That didn't happen, so now I have to make the binding as well as sew it on!

There wasn't enough of the border fabric to make binding, I was looking at these two fabrics as possibilities...

I chose the fabric on the left because it's less busy, there's enough scrappy activity on the front!

This morning I cut the strips and sewed them together...

I think my choice will look good with both the back and front of the quilt.

So now, rather than being able to start the En Provence mystery along with everybody else, as a punishment I have to attach this binding so I can hand sew it at Bee tomorrow.

Another reason not to procrastinate?

I dampened some fabric for my granny square quilt and placed it in a baggie to soften up.

Well, I didn't get to the pressing and it molded on me!  When I didn't press it after two days I really should have placed it in the freezer.

And what's with the pink area on the right edge??  Yuck!

My friend Charlene suggested I add vinegar to soapy water and wash it, and the mold should come out.  If that doesn't do the trick I'll just toss it, I have plenty more of that particular fabric.

The up side of this experience?  I learned two good lessons!  Sew forth and sew on...

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  1. I literally (and I do mean literally) gasped when you said 'it molded'! Vinegar is miraculous and is certainly worth a try. And short of throwing it out, you could maybe cut out the offending bits? Like fussy-cutting, only the opposite...
    I was happy to see that our first clue for the mystery was simple stuff. Neutral four patches? We can do that in our sleep, right?


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