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Monday, April 4, 2016

Those little things

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a sale
(2) finding new ideas
(3) putting your feet up

Here's something I found intriguing.

I was watching the weather yesterday morning and just happened to catch the lady in the background ... See the "quilt" she's sitting in front of??

Not really a quilt, on closer inspection I discovered it's an orange board with a lot  of photos attached.  Sure looked like a quilt though!

Sometimes I have to just sit back and laugh at myself!

Here's another heehee - I bought a new Spring-y wreath for my front door yesterday from Michael's.  Wasn't 100% satisfied with it, but I could live it with, especially at 40% off.  Today I looked at it hanging there and decided ... well maybe I could find something better at A.C. Moore, since I was going out that way anyway.

Didn't see anything I liked on display at A.C. Moore, so the floral designer spent about 20 minutes with me, pulling together just the right flowers so I could make one myself.

When I got back home and looked at the one I'd left hanging on the door I said to myself "you know, that wreath is right cute!"

So I had to make a decision:

Door #1...

... or make it myself??

I'll take door #1 please!!

Meanwhile, back in the sewing room, still putting the finishing touches on the units I need to make in order to finish the Scrap Crystals UFO...

A bit of trimming was in order, but I didn't really mind that.

My sewing time today will be dedicated to finishing up as many of the sub-units as I can, making sure the blocks are mixed, old with new, to get a good variety in the fabrics.

Because I had to go out I've already fotted away a good part of the day, so we'll see what I can get accomplished.  Sew forth and sew on...

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  1. Well, Linda, it looked like a quilt to me, too! I really like the Scrap Crystals and am happy to see you working on them again. It's nice to know SOMEBODY is moving some UFOs along.


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