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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Little by slowly

Three things to be happy about:
(1) popcorn
(2) trail mix
(3) a child's enjoyment of simple things

They're doing some work on my street, digging and pounding and jack-hammering.  My neighbors' 3 year old son is just fascinated with it all - he's a truck man!  Me... I look forward to them finishing so I can park in front of my house again!

My latest progress photo on the Scrap Crystals UFO - three rows done, two more go go!

Still sewing away at it; I want to finish this before I pick up something else.

Besides, I have to show more progress on it at the guild meeting this Saturday!

Among the sewing I still need to do - I'm combining the blue and green sashing strips that I pieced on phone book pages into longer strips, then cutting them down into usable 12-1/2" pieces.

Little by slowly, but it's progress!

When I cut a strip I have to move the ruler left or right to get a piece that's long enough to have a decent seam allowance after cutting.

So, that means unsewing tiny bits and recombining pieces to get what I need.  Some of the strings I used were a bit narrow, but the good news is I included a lot of 2" pieces so I have plenty of wiggle room!

I was looking at some of the strings I used in these sashing strips; at one point I wasn't too sure about the other colors I let creep in amongst the blue and green ...

But looking at it now, I think I made a good decision.

All those reds and yellows and golds add a lot of texture to the sashing, without overpowing the quilt.

The SNS cornerstones give it light, and help pull the sashing together.

That's it for now, have a great Wednesday.  Don't tell anyone but I have to get started on my taxes!  Sew forth and sew on...


  1. This is stunning - the bits of color here and there add to the 'sparkle' - just like ice crystals.

  2. I love your Scrap Crystals quilt! There is just enough mix of colors to make it exciting.

  3. I'm seriously in love with your Scrap Crystals, Linda. AndI do the same with my piano key borders....letting the colors get loosey goosey....but they always look good when all is said and done, and I think the pops of color make the quilts all that more interesting to look at. Great job with this one!

  4. I love your scrap crystals too, and thing you have done a great job of mixing the colors. The result is lively and energetic. Wonderful.

  5. What a gorgeous quilt in the making & the strips around are the perfect blend!!


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