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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Scrap crystals top done

Three things to be happy about:
(1) Outlander tv series
(2) a new handbag
(3) an unexpected funny

You ever come face to face with something that was so funny you just had to stop and laugh?  Then take a picture of it?  The other day I was separating some Black Forest ham that I got from Costco; I looked at the pieces I'd just removed from the package and this is what I saw:
this little piggy is napping, LOL!

Moving right along....

I hadn't planned on posting anything else about the Scrap Crystals UFO til it was done, but I may as well share the last little steps.

My last dilemma, border-wise, was that I couldn't find the piece of yardage I remembered seeing.  I didn't quite like this fabric, I even let it sit awhile to get used to looking at it, but no dice.  I think it's the black background that's throwing things off.

I searched through every bin of fabric I have, looking for that elusive piece of blue-green fabric that I knew I had - couldn't find it!  So therefore I only thought I had it.

I did find a piece that was sort of blue-green with a faint yellowish swish running across it, but that's no good for this project.

You're probably thinking "oh my, she has a large stash!"  Yep, I do - but this isn't even half of it!  LOL

I located these two pieces that could have worked, at least they came closer than anything else I could find that was large enough...

Viewed through the camera there's only a subtle difference in the two, but I decided to go with the second one, just to get on with it!

So here's the top with the borders, finished and being check off my UFO list!

My guild's UFO challenge pulled at this month's meeting was #8.  I don't remember off hand what that was on my list, but I know I'd finished it already.  Running out ahead of the pack!

Well that's it for now, buy some new plants, find something to laugh at today, sew forth and sew on...


  1. I thought 'little piggy' too when I saw that photo! Crystals looks great with the border and how exciting to getting closer to a finish.

  2. That is definitely a portrait of a little piggy sleeping! I saw many little piggies in my childhood.

    I love your scrap crystals quilt and the border looks good.

  3. That little pig is hilarious! Gorgeous quilt too:)

  4. LOVE the piggy! The quilt top is gorgeous too.

  5. Good for you! I really like what you did with the sashing. Now I'm really feeling like a slacker. But, I've finished my queen size challenge for my little group, working thru several baby quilts and a special project for our pastor at church and about to get a new puppy so there goes my quilting time....


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