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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another one bites the dust

Three things to be happy about:
(1) fresh tomatoes
(2) e-books
(3) spray adhesive

While I wasn't looking, Hancock's in Gaithersburg sold 99.999% of their fabrics!

I was in this store last month; they had fabric coming out of their ears, but the prices hadn't been dropped enough for me to buy anything I didn't need...

I mean, reduced to 40% off????  That's the same as a regular sale at JoAnn's!

Among the stuff they had but I don't need and wasn't tempted by were some books, embroidery floss, thread, Christmas junk, some 2016 calendars (75% off, they oughta quit) and some upholstery fabrics.

But I did get this fabric though - black and white is always good, 3 yards of gold that I can definitely use.

I got the green Christmas fabric because I liked it - and it felt good!  Large enough for a backing.

All at $8.99, minus 75%.

I can use this 10-1/2" square up ruler, it was the only one left, just hanging there.

Not a bad deal for $6.40!

So the last day for this particular store is this week, I think it's April 21.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking on a border treatment for the Scrap Crystals quilt, this doesn't look too-too bad I guess.

I've been looking for a piece that's a sort of blue and green muted swirly stripe, that I know I have.  I remember seeing it about month ago, so frustrating!

I'll keep looking though.

Today will be a no-sew day for me, I'll be out and about - there's a jackpot with my name on it waiting at Maryland Live casino!  My friend Brenda and I want to do some happy dancing before we come back home.

Sew forth and sew on til later,


  1. That happened up here when a local quilt shop closed recently - somewhere between their 20% off and 50% off, they sold all the fabric. And I missed out completely. *sigh*
    Looks like your luck was much better! Hopefully that luck carries on!

  2. Two thumbs up for spray adhesive~! I missed the Hancock sale too but I have already SABLED.


  3. I got 12 yds of ultrasuede upholstery fabric at 2.99 a yard. I am going to miss Hancock's as an alternative to Joann's. Now Joann's will raise their prices again just because Hancock's is no longer around ... UHG

  4. I never made it before the sold out here either.


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