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Thursday, August 13, 2015

An ouch, and more eye candy

Three things to be happy about:
(1) new neighbors
(2) strawberry smoothies
(3) crunchy snacks

Don't you hate things that make you go eee-accck!?  This one may be my fault and it may not be... not sure.

During the winter months the low tire pressure icon was lit up on my dash because of the cold; it's supposed to go off after about 5 minutes of driving but it always stayed on so I just learned to ignore it.  Honda says it does that sometimes but they can't fix it, don't worry, everything's fine.  So I got used to seeing the icon and didn't pay any attention when it came on again, but I should have though - it was a gen-u-ine low pressure warning.

I went out in a hurry to get gone, and found a flat!

AAA came within 10 minutes, replaced the flat with my "doughnut" and told me I should get the real tire back on within about 30 miles of driving (okay... how many miles to the doctor and back, and Target, and Costco, and Whole Foods) - sheesh!

Ideally AAA would have fixed the flat but he didn't have any plugs, so when I finished my errands I went by the service station to get it fixed.

So now everything is okay, no more low pressure icon, tire drives fine - whew!

On a happier note, here are 6 more pieces of eye candy from the Annapolis show...

Gotta love scrappy, especially stars!

I like these fuss-free designs, they go on my gotta-do list...

And finally three applique'd quilts; sometimes I look at quilts and go "wow!  look at the talent!!"

That's it for now, have a great Thursday, sew forth and sew on...


  1. tires are tricky...now I am thinking I need to have my tires checked:0). I like the one with pinwheels. I have seen that pattern somewhere. I probably have it in my pattern stash. I was thinking about you and scraps. I have some...would you like them?

  2. I'm glad my car is vintage without lots of bells and whistles to worry about. I do get a light on the dash when the door is not shut properly and I always pay attention because the result might end up a dead battery if a light is involved.

  3. See what happens when you ignore those warning lights....love, love, love those scrappy stars.


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