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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sewing & Quilt Expo

Three things to be happy about:
(1) unsalted mixed nuts in a jar
(2) true blue spa body cream
(3) shopping malls

Yesterday I went to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Fredericksburg, VA, with Felicia, Pat and Gwen.

It was a good day for a show, but first we had to synchonize our cell phones: one super-duper latest edition of something-or-other that sends texts and makes coffee; one smart phone that sends emails and takes photos; and one not-so-smart phone that flips open, makes the call, and closes.  Eh, that's all I need it for!

I'll start off with some quilts done by Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. (SAQA) whose theme was Metaphors on Aging.  There were some very well done quilts in the collection, I'll share two now:

I don't know who the artist was on the first one (I'm bad at collecting names with the pics, gotta correct that!), but the second one is a raw edged quilt by SAQA member Lorie McCown.  It wasn't on the display floor, but she let me take a picture at the SAQA booth.


appliqued fire truck by Nadine Mills (above); pieced quilt by Rosa Walls (Uhuru members)

The black-and-white looks good in these two:

small quilts collection!

two great stash busters!

That's a lot of pictures - more tomorrow!  Sew forth and sew on til then!

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  1. Thanks for the pics! The expo is only an hour from me, but I had too many commitments to go this year.


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