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Sunday, October 5, 2014

More from the Expo

Three things to be happy about:
(1) the face of a clock
(2) silhouettes
(3) a stamp collection

On Friday, after stopping at iHop for a leisurely (and hearty!) breakfast of eggs, toast, grits, waffles, ham, bacon, pancakes, hot chocolate, milk, hash browns and coffee, we rolled on over to the Sewing & Quilt expo in Fredricksburg, VA.

Never mind...

One vendor I liked had a pretty good selection of threads and pre-wound bobbins, some very pretty colors and shades.

Pat got of couple containers of the bobbins, but my Singer Touch n Sew can't use any of the sizes/models that were available.  I didn't really need em anyway...

More quilts from the SAQA associates... Aging affects everyone in many different ways.  Through the use of a wide variety of visual metaphors, these works show the impact of aging on our lives.

The label on this one by Susan Lenz says:

Whether ... viewed as a distant memory, an ageless quest for youthful shape, or as an attempt to ward off signs of advancing years, this intimate work strikes a chord in the melody of feminine life.

The face and figure of a very young child full of wonder, playing with balloons in the sunshine can say as much about aging  ...

as an empty chair whose occupant may have passed on ... or forgotten her own identity.

More stash busters!

double wedding ring challenge!

Pat and I were intrigued by the one immediately above; it looked as if the maker said "oops, I need to erase this part and do it over!"  Clever use of fabrics!

Since Hobby Lobby was so close, we popped in there after the show.

I'm glad to report I only bought 1-1/2 yards of black and white fabric which I didn't have, and two books that were marked way down!!

I got In Love with Squares and Rectangles by Amy Walsh and Janine Burke ($7.90, from $21.95) and Crazy for Scraps by Sally Schneider ($9.72, from $26.99).  I liked them, so why not.

My only other purchases?  From the expo, a lapel button ("and SEW on!") and two Frixion pens that I had been looking for.

So that's the end of our adventures on Friday... from Hobby Lobby we went to Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, then to dinner at Red Lobster.  You gotta love those cheese biscuits!
I loved three of em, plus a sack-ful!

Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Now THAT'S what I call a wonderful day out.....food, shopping, quilts, shopping and food!

  2. I was there on Thursday. It was a very nice show. Not too big. Just right. I found a few goodies, attended a couple of the lectures and learned a new method of applique. I stayed over in Fredericksburg. I saw all of the quilts above. They were lovely. Sorry I missed you guys. We are now planning for the Hampton show.


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