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Friday, June 6, 2014

Still finishing up

Three things to be happy about:
(1) unsalted pistachios in the shell
(2) Trident gum
(3) toothpicks

Last Friday I picked up my anniversary quilt from the LA's, just have one more side of the binding to finish by hand and it's done!

Sewed the first border on the Milk Maid star quilt, looking good!

I'm haven't decided what to do about the outer border, maybe something with a large busy pattern - pull out one of those ugly pieces!  I don't think I want to use red for this one.

Remember this project?  It's my x and + quilt!  I started cutting fabric for it in this post.

I took a few bits and pieces to my last bee meeting and cut a lot of two inch strips on my Accuquilt GO! for the project bin.  

I put another block together, just to see if it's what I want to finish up next.

I think it's a go, let's move this one out of the box!

Just a few last pictures from the quilt show...

When I saw the quilt on the right, I just wanted to stand and stare at it!  

The placement of  the blocks, combined with the colors, creates a lot of interest and movement.

In this one I really like the way she placed the inserts, without being predictable!

You gotta have heart! 

That's it for now, sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. Keep going on the Xs and +s. It is going to be a beauty.

  2. Wow, a finish and a flimsie - yes, keep going on the x & + blocks for the next venture.

  3. Gasp--no red?!? I agree, love that one quilt....I find the colors very soothing -- ita gives me the feeling of running water. A flowing mountain stream.

  4. You're not going to hear me say this very often....but I agree with no red on the MilkMaid. The blue you have in each block is wonderful so a blue border would look good. But a YELLOW border would make that baby sing out loud. My 2cents for what it's worth. I, too, love that quilt with the big HSTs in various cool colors.

  5. I keep thinking to re-visit the + and x blocks in a larger size so I won't need sashing to join them. Yours are just super!


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