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Monday, June 10, 2013

Playing catch-up

Three things to be happy about:
(1) stacks of new magazines
(2) a leisurely pace
(3) someone with your last name winning the lottery, and realizing you're her favorite long-lost niece

Oh well, one could wish!

I decided to do the Hello Moon BOM but I never really got started, so I yesterday I played catch up and made the first three blocks.  The pretty background fabric is from Robert Kaufman:

Full Moon

Moon and star
 This is actually the first one I did, then I realized some of the grey I used is too dark.  The moon actually has a grin but you can't see it -  I need to be aware of how I place the pieces.

Moon and earth
What's up with the earth's crooked grin, looks like it has a toothache!  I'm making the faces with my sewing machine rather than hand embroidering them. 

The blocks are 6-1/2" square, they'll make a cute wall hanging when they're all done! 

I'm seeing 16-patch blocks everywhere, so I made a few using African fabrics:
I think this will be a very small piece, I've made about a dozen blocks and I'm convinced a better approach would be to limit my fabric choices.  Some of the combinations, although they contrast nicely, make a too-dark block when viewed from a distance.  Sometimes those large-patterned African fabrics can be a bit tricky to work with!

Well that's all for now, enjoy your Monday, sew forth and sew on!


  1. Love #3 - what a wish! The Kauffman is perfect background for Mr. Moon.

  2. I see the moon's grin! love it.

  3. Love the earth's "smirky" smile! I've made 3 quilts using 16 patches in the past 3 months (and have one going right now). Love them, but I do hear what you're saying about a block looking/feeling too dark. To get around that I decided all my blocks would use the same light(er) fabric. Not only does it unify the quilt, but it cuts down on dark blocks. And I like the way the more wild fabrics get to show off.

  4. Love the smirky smiles. They have personality!!!!


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