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Monday, March 25, 2013

Southern Comforters quilt show

Three things to be happy about:
(1) making a perfect omelet
(2) a clean house
(3) unlocking a heavy dead bolt

Is there anything better than a quilt show? 

Nope, especially when your friends enter their quilts and one of them wins a Viewers Choice award! 

Fellow Uhuru Quilters Guild member Nadine is also a member of Southern Comforters guild, and she won a 3rd place ribbon for her wall hanging, Japanese Zen.

Charlene, Pat, Felicia (The Slow Quilter) and I dropped by the show and had a pleasant afternoon looking at all the gorgeous quilts - great eye candy!

Look at this sweet baby quilt, it's the perfect kind of quilt I like to make if I'm under a tight deadline - fuss free, uncomplicated, yet elegant. 

This setting is going on my baby quilt list, gotta make it!

And what's a quilt show without at least one Baltimore album-type quilt?  This one is just gorgeous! 

There was another one done on a black background that I didn't realize I didn't get a picture of.  It was done completely by hand, and I understand it took years and  years to finish!

And oh!  There were two Quiltville mystery quilts - Orca Bay (left) and Roll, Roll Cotton Boll

Isn't it interesting how using a different color way can make a pattern look so different?

Another part of any quilt show that I always enjoy is the vendors... I looked but didn't touch!  I was able to resist buying fabric, patterns, and books, although I saw a very interesting book on selvedge quilts.  Take a look at this beauty:
Isn't that gorgeous?

After closing out the quilt show we had dinner at the Texas Road House restaurant; I hadn't been there before and I enjoyed eating roasted peanuts while we waited for our table.  Everybody just tossed their empty shells right on the floor - very kitschy (did I spell that right??).  With the boot-scootin' music and spontaneous line dancing in the aisle, we thought we were deep in the heart of ... someplace else.

Wanna see what I had?
I got the bbq chicken and rib combo - is that a lot of meat or am I crazy?!  You need to know, 2/3 of that plate came home with me!  After eating a hot dog and chips at the quilt show, I wasn't hungry enough to put all that away!  I also nabbed a bag of their peanuts on the way out...

They give you a paper bag at the hostess desk, and you're free to fill it from the peanut barrel in the waiting area.

Well enjoy your Monday, snow's almost gone, athough I've known it to snow on Easter Sunday!  Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Linda-
    As always, I enjoy reading your posts!
    Being from Texas- I know all about Texas Roadhouse; my neighbor-across-the-way is even the kitchen manager at our local one.
    A tiny tidbit: it snowed on Easter Sunday when I was 3 years old. Its due to happen again around here- but hopefully not this year cause my veggies are in the ground! ;)

  2. Yes, we had a fun day at it, great pictures Linda.

  3. Looks like a fun day! Congrats to your fellow guild member getting a ribbon at this show!

    I could so go for some good ribs. (sigh) BBQ up here in Washington is nowhere near like it is in TN. That's one HUGE thing I miss from home.

  4. Thanks for sharing all that inspiration. I can't believe the size of that serving! I wonder if I could finish all that even if I brought it home!


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