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Monday, March 18, 2013

My wild goose chase

Three things to be happy about:
(1) being alert
(2) delighting in the details
(3) Lucky Charms cereal

Actually I never liked Lucky Charms cereal, even when I was a kid, all those bitter tasting marshmallows.  No matter how many times the cute little leprechaun pranced about and declared "they're charmingly delicious!"... it didn't convince me, no ma'am.

I'm pleased to say that I finished the flying geese/goose quilt I made, based on Bonnie Hunter's antique find!  I'm naming this one Wild Goose Chase because oh man did I have a wild time piecing these homespuns!  I didn't know I had so many homespuns until I started using them ... I didn't know I didn't really like homespuns that much until I started using them!  They're pretty to look at but I'm not too keen on that loose weave... maybe next time I want that look I'll go with shirting.

Notice the difference between the two pictures?  The first strips I put in looked way too skinny, so I made them 2" wider; I like the difference!  It's the same fabric, I think time of day makes a difference in the way the color shows. 

I found a large piece of deep brown fabric in my stash that's perfect for the back; it has a farm moif... horses pulling hay-laden wagons, workers sitting on the fence.  It's a perfect back, and there's just a little less than 1/4 yard left - scrap!

At guild meeting Saturday I taught a workshop on my cobblestone quilt, it was very well received. I think they liked the technique, it's a very easy and fuss-free pattern...

Azalia finished one first!

Deb is going with bright colors; isn't it amazing how different the blocks look?

Rosa is using black, white and a touch of green!

I liked Deborah's fabric, I wonder if JoAnn still has it?  I need some for my colorwash quilt!
That's it for now, enjoy your Monday.  I have a podiatrist appointment then perhaps a manicure... need to kill some time til 11:30 so I can park on my side of the street - there's street cleaning Mondays and Tuesdays.  Sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. I have to agree that that fabric would be great for a floral colorwash.

  2. Those geese look great flying across the bed. The blocks came out nicely and those florals do have possibilities.

  3. Love the way your geese quilt turned out! The floral would make a fun 4-patch posy block, too.

  4. Your geese are just beautiful and your floral fabrics would be very nice in a spring quilt or fussy cut but anyway will be pretty nice!

  5. Love your flying geese quilt. I'm not crazy about working with homespuns either. The blocks the guild ladies made all look so different but all are beautiful.

  6. I love the wild geese! Have fun today. Hope the appointment goes well. I'm going to do some shopping for eater packages. Gotta send a few out.

  7. Love the geese! I am a big homespun fan, but I do understand about the loose weave. Great quilt.


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