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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do overs

Hi everybody!  We have 99 followers ... who will be the 100th?  Will it be you?? or you perhaps???  Hop in, there's room!

Sometimes we can do things over and they turn out all right, better than ever. 

But some things ... you don't exactly get a second chance  :O*(

I woke bright and early this morning around 4:30 and decided to do some sewing, so I hopped out of bed and as I was going into my sewing room I bumped my left knee smack into the edge of the door.  At that point I wished I could have done the previous 5 minutes over because I could not bend my knee without pain ... it was okay straight out, I could walk but if I bent it beyond a certain point oh man the pain was excrutiating!  I had to sit with my leg sticking straight out.

That was almost 3 hours ago and now PRAISE GOD I can sit with the knee bent.  When I stretch the leg out I can hear (and feel) a small pop but the pain is nothing like it was.

My other do-over is a piece I sewed a few months(!?) ago when I was doing a solids swap.  Remember this one?

If you've been reading my blog awhile, you know I tossed this one aside and made another one... you'll see the finished block in my photo slide show on the right (hint: it's between the grey one and the kitty cat, and it looks nothing  like the one above!).  I never liked it just as it was, so I took the middle and bottom seams loose and started playing around with different fabrics. 

My first impression of this was "ho-hum!"  In any case I've got some work to do... all I can see right now is yellow!

I plan to stay with solids rather than introducing patterned fabric at this point, I don't think it would look too great.  The little pieced strip in the middle?  I found it in my "parts department," so I threw it in although there's some marbled fabric in it.  I think it sort of qualifies, don't you? 

Also, I'll stay with a limited color palette -  maybe I'll throw in a deeper blue, some off white, a dark-dark green.  At this point I'm thinking it will be an attractive wall hanging that's not too large, but I've been known to change my mind.

Sew forth and sew on til later - send up prayers for my knee!


  1. Be very kind to your knee. I did something similar about a year ago and didn't take care of it properly. It is still giving me fits. I strongly urge seeing a doc if it is not completely better by tomorrow morning.
    I am looking forward to seeing where this quilt heads. I like the pointy piece. It adds loads of character.


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