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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My second solids quilt

... is still at the "let me see... let me see..." stage.

See my post from July 1 to see the Kandinsky I'm working on.  For some reason that dark background keeps getting in my way, so I removed it in Photoshop to see if it could help my inspiration...
hmmm... maybe. 

Anyway, these are my tentative fabric choices:
for some reason the photo is a bit fuzzy but you get the idea. 

I'll put in some black, grey and maybe brown - or maybe something else, I'm definitely open to change.  We'll see; right now I'm a bit clueless! 

On another note, I did survive the 4th, all those fireworks!  They're illegal in the close in counties in Maryland and Virginia, so those residents bring them into the District to shoot them off.  Fireworks have really changed since I was a kid... no more just the tiny little things that pop, or the roman candles that shoot off sparks.  Now they just love throwing lighted cherry bombs into dumpsters and running like hell; it sounds like the neighborhood is being invaded.

I figure we have another week and a half to go before they're done. Sew forth and sew on til later,

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  1. Does Kandinsky know what you are doing with his work? Oh my, nothing like retirement to get the creative juices running.


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