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Monday, July 18, 2011

Making progress

Three things to be happy about:
(1) cornbread
(2) sleep-in days
(3) Caesar salads

I had to throw in a plug for Caesar salads because lately I've become a real fan, I have one for lunch almost every day!  I like to add a little shredded carrots in mine, some chicken breast strips from Costco, substitute the croutons for a piece of cornbread from Whole Foods or Wegman's (they add corn in theirs), and I'm all set. 

I hadn't done anything with my Kandinsky solid for almost a week, except add more fabric to that little starter block and stare at it... I just didn't want to deal with it.  Have you ever had days like that??  Here's the picture again:

Then yesterday I did feel like dealing with it and I made some progress...

You're looking at the original and then at my version, scrolling back and forth, back and forth, LOL.  They're just kissing cousins, trust me! 

The pieces at the top will be incorporated in some clever way above the black strip.  I really wanted to pull in some of the yellow from the log cabin area... the camera doesn't show the true color, it's a sort of cheddar.  I substituted a paler piece of yellow, but maybe I'll add the cheddar anyway, give it a little bit of sunshine up top. 

The background fabric looks sort of grey but it's really a funny shade of blue; the only grey I had was a bit too pale, and I definitely did not want to use black!

So that's my progress so far, we'll see what today's doodling will come up with.

Sew forth and sew on til later,


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmm I love Caesar salad. I'll be having it with corn bread soon....sounds good....Middle of winter or not....I can always turn up the heating! lol Yep, I have days when I just go....nope, not going to work on that. I'd rather sew something I enjoy rather than something I feel I HAD to do....I think it affects what we create, too. You've made a good start on your piece and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress....

  2. Your new piece looks like a fun play day. I am in a salad thing - happens when the it gets hot - all those goodies at farmer's markets are great for salad fixing.

  3. Hi Linda,

    A belated congrats on retiring! I had lost your blog for a while. So glad I found it again.

    Gail :)


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