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Monday, May 23, 2011

They don't make them like they used to

Question:  how many irons does a quiltmaker need? (Sounds like "how many engineers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?") 

Answer:  just one, if it works!

This is the last iron I bought; it's a Sunbeam with a retractable cord. 
I got one with a pink window just because it's what they had, I didn't have a preference, just as long as I could see the water level. I use it for general purpose ironing, and it's the one I bought just after this one went ka-blooey: 

It's a Shark that I got at Target.  The crazy thing is, it went bad after I'd had it for about 10 months or so - won't turn on.  I still had the paperwork and box, so I called the manufacturer, they gave me a trouble number or whaterver you call it.  I was told to send it back, $insured, with a $handling $fee and they would try to fix it.  If they couldn't fix it they would send me another used iron, but there was no guarantee on it.  That's been several weeks and I still haven't mailed it; quite frankly I don't want to throw good money after bad.  I never did like it anyway, it just looks stupid.

Now that's the one I got after this one started acting wierd:
It's a Black and Decker "Auto Advantage," whatever that means.  I had it a long time; it's designed to shut off after a certain length of time, which made it a hassle if you're working on a quilt.  Then it reached the point where it would just shut off after a few minutes and didn't want to steam properly, the water just runs out through the holes.

Now this baby I've had for years and years:
It's a GE and it wasn't designed to shut off after an interval, it does not have a time-out device, tipover warning, retractable cord, fabric content sensor and does not make coffee.  Something went wrong with the on-off switch and it doesn't shut off - if you plug it in, it's ON.  It does not hold water so you can't use it for steam, but it works fine for me when I'm sewing.  That's the one I take with me for guild/bee meetings and workshops.  Cost?  Around $9 about 15 years ago.

Sew forth and sew on ti later


  1. I have had toasters like that.....

    Bought one "dry" iron awhile back which fell on the floor right afterwards...bottom a bit screwy, but it still works....

  2. No way I am showing all my irons. I keep them in the bathroom closet in the extra bathroom. My daughter was home once and said "Mom, do you have an iron collection?" The last one I got does have the shutoff and I can't decide if I like that or not. I am famous for walking out of the room and leaving it on.

  3. Sometimes simple is best. My iron has an override to the auto turn off thingy which I really like. I would like to buy one of the old style irons that simply irons - nothing else.

  4. Heck. I caved in and paid big bucks for a rowenta that croaked in 2 months. They just don't make anything to last like they used to.

  5. I keep one iron for dry only and one for steam. They are the cheapest things your can find - always check the clear outs (usually in CVS) after Christmas - usually pay only $5 and they last me a year or two. I refuse to pay top dollar for a high-end clunk-a-bunk that lives 2 months. (OH when they die - they go to iron heaven, not my closet)

  6. Linda, OMG, this is so funny. I always tell folks about my issues with irons. Since my daughter learned how to iron, we have gone through 3 Rowentas (knocked them over); 1 Black & Decker (burned it out); 1 Olisa (I thought they were going to have to lock me up) and now I have a Hamilton Beach that she purchased. It has everything, steam, auto shut-off; xtra long cord,etc...but so did all the others. This was a fun post to read and has given me some ideas about my next blog...unfortunately I did not keep all of the irons :0)

  7. What a great topic! I JUST bought a new iron. I have had my last iron many years. I loaned it to my son a few weeks ago...and haven't seen it since, despite STERN instructions to have it back ASAP. I went to buy a new iron and my head swirled. AGH! I ended up buying a cheap iron (because I am currently unemployed and poor!). I am curious how long it will last. My previous one is old enough it does not have the auto shut off. I don't like the auto shut off when quilting. What a hassle. I think I will trade irons with my son!!

    Deb from clutteredquilter.blogspot.com

  8. My current iron -- bought to replace the $75 (and that was the on-sale price!) Rowenta which pooped out 3 days after the 90-day warranty -- is a brick colored $14 dollar Sunbeam that I picked up at Target to tide me over until I could get a "good" one. That was 6 years ago, so I guess I got the good one after all!

  9. Way too funny. I can't believe you have all those irons sitting for their portraits. I've only got room for one and it had better work or else!


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