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Monday, May 2, 2011

And the winner is...

First I want to thank everyone who commented and joined in on my second giveaway; then I want to say I learned a little something about how giveaways work from the other end!!  whew!  Try as I might, I just couldn't get my comments to show numbers, even after Madame Samm so generously sent me the code she uses.  Stubborn little thing.  Not Madame Samm - the numbers, the numbers!!  Madame is too generous to be stubborn   :o). 

Anyway, I had to use the random generator and then count down the list to see who it was; I about laughed my head off when I hit lucky number 27!!   Had to do that one over, you bet. 

So, the lucky winner is   #53 - Char M 

Char M, please contact me to let me know your preference!

Thanks again everybody for participating, I know there will be other giveaways down the road. 

Edit added 5/2/11:  Someone was kind enough to point out that I should have given Bonnie Hunter credit for the expression "crumbs."  I meant no disrespect to Bonnie, I first saw the phrase "crumb piecing" on her blog!  I tried using crumbs and small scraps to make a background for my Brown Bag quilt, and it turned out so well I thought it would be great for smaller pieces... well, that turned out so well I wanted to share it with you all through the Stash Manicure blog - thanks again! 

Sew forth and sew on til later


  1. Congrats to CHar! At least you can get the random g - to work and post on site.

  2. For the random image, after staring at it for a minute I did a screen capture - doh! I couldn't save the image for some crazy reason.


  3. Congrats to Char. I can never get that little random.org picture to show up when I use it for my giveaways.

  4. Thanks everyone, especially Linda. I have never won a online giveaway. I have won a beautiful quilt at a local quilt show years ago. I can't wait to get my water bearer home.

  5. Congratulations, Char! I haven't figured out how to get the Random.org generator on my blog yet. Maybe I need a lesson! LOL


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