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Friday, May 6, 2011

black & white ufo

This month UFO #7, a black and white sampler, rotated to the top. 

This little quilt came into being when I was trying to use up some black and white scraps and didn't want to do anything that would take a long time ... yeah, right, only 10 years' worth.

It really should never have become a UFO because it's so small, but I didn't like the look after I quilted it, so I started picking out the thread.  Then - as so often happens because I have so much creativity bumping around in my head all trying to get out at the same time - I got bored with it and tossed it aside.

The border fabric is a very narrow black-and-white stripe that reads as grey.  It's roughly 22 x 22 as is; I might swap out the border or just add another one.  We'll see, as my mama used to say.

Has blogger been making improvements?  I noticed the upload button is brighter, the label window is in a different place, and there's a map you can add. 

Oh well... as always, sew forth and sew on til later

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  1. I noticed the changes in the upload box too. As long as they don't change too much I can still get it to work.


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