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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Good intentions

Here we go!

My friend Renea and I made an overnight trip to the Mid-Atlantic quilt show on Thursday; it was my intention to upload some of the pictures to be shared on Saturday but that didn't happen.  It was a great show but I was wiped out when I got home Friday evening!

Oh my, there were so many great guild challenges this year!  Themes such as Living on the edge (designing with selvages); Lovely as a tree; Take a shot [at expressing yourself]; Color squared (one-color, 12-inch mini-quilts); Dream big - stretching art and tradition; and of course the Hoffman challenge.

Here are just a few that I liked:
Color, color everywhere!

Lovely as a tree...

There were fractured quilts:

And you'll like this one, Gayle:
Pigs in a Blanket, by Sally Trude from The Objects of Design! Her tag reads "I inevitably end up making comical quilts because I love to design animal blocks and then dress them in bright colors. The piglet is a favorite pattern that is available for free on my blog..."

Check out this 3-D design:
viewed from the left...

viewed straight on...

and from the right side...
such talented cleverness!

Anabeth Dollins of Pittsburg named this one "Around Town."  365 days, 365 blocks...

Lady of the House was clever; "house" represented in humorous ways:

Mary Kerr of Woodbridge set 9 Dresden Plate blocks from the 1940s in a sea of white...

The pictorials were awesome:

I hope you can biggie size these to see details!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed the Mid-Atlantic show!  I have more to share, so come back tomorrow.  Sew forth and sew on


  1. Beautiful quilts - you must have had a great time at the show!
    I hope you told Sally's little piglets that I said hello! 8)

  2. Fabulous quilts!! How fun to see Sally's piggies hanging - thanks for sharing.


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