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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowin' and blowin'

Three things to be happy about:
(1) discovering unused VCR tapes - kitsch!
(2) reloading your stapler
(3) hot oatmeal

I'm still happy about hot oatmeal, especially today!

We've had our share of snow, as you can see.

Yesterday the snow started around 1 pm drifting like feathers.  And it never got any harder, just a steady meandering down...

It's funny to see how much of my neighbor Joe's truck is covered up - and that's not a small pickup!

See that car behind the red one to the left, that's almost hidden by the tree?  Dig city!

My car, directly in front of my house, doesn't look too bad at this point, it's only halfway up the wheels.

Nope, not going out yet - it's almost level with the bottom of my storm door!

So, I've had my oatmeal, it's still snowin' and blowin' - now I'm going to get sewin'!

Keep safe, have fun, sew forth and sew on ...


  1. Good luck shoveling out. You'll find your biggest problem is figuring out where to put the snow. It snowed so much one storm up here that my car was completely buried. The snowbanks on either side of my driveway ended up taller than I was. Made getting out of the driveway a real struggle. Good luck!

  2. It's a winter wonderland out there.


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