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Thursday, October 22, 2015

More x and plus

Three things to be happy about:
(1) October sunshine
(2) chicken salad
(3) giant pandas

I've been watching the giant panda Mei Xiang and her cub Bei Bei via web cam off and on, and it's both interesting and boring!

Interesting when she interacts with the cub, boring when they're both sound asleep.  I had to laugh at the way she moves him... she just takes a leg and shoves him around.   I guess that's the way it's done, Bei Bei seems unharmed for the experience.  Boys!

The panda house is closed to the public right now but if you want to watch them, just Google "panda cam, Washington DC" and choose the Smithsonian edu link.

Lately it seems my attention has been foucsed on sewing these x and plus blocks, everything else seems to have been pushed aside - again!

Bits and pieces waiting to be assembled.

I'm still using the 3-1/2" squares I cut using my GO cutter, I think I need to cut some more for variety, adding some lighter squares to all the darkish ones in the stack!

I've decided to make this one a bed size rather than a throw, I like being able to spread my quilts on my bed!

Setting them 9 by 10 should give me a good inner size, the blocks are 8".  

So far I have a little over 60 made, that's a pretty good start on the 90 blocks I need!

What else has been going on since early last month...

 Now you see it...
Now you don't!  

My neighbors got their basement level remodeled into a suite for her mom; they decided to also replace the chain link fence with cedar for more privacy.  

It's funny - when the chain link fence was there I never paid any attention to their back yard, but now that the cedar fence is blocking the view, I get the urge to peek over it!  Looks great though...

That's it for now, get out and enjoy this marvelous October sunshine - shoot, just have a great Thursday!  Sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. It was too bad the second baby panda died - I've watched a little, too but they really don't do much as you said. Love those X blocks - keep going you are almost there.

  2. your blocks are looking good. I need to get busy!


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