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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Another bee project

Three things to be happy about
(1) Eight o'clock coffee
(2) lapel buttons
(3) losing a few pounds

Thanks everybody for your thoughts on heirlooms vs "regular" quilts!  After reading some of the comments I had a "DOH!" moment - I probably should have referred to a potential heirloom being too precious to use by tots.  Great feedback, thanks again!  The quilts that we work so hard on and are gifted to a child ... I think we can probably agree that if they last through childhood and can be passed on to future generations, they have the potential of becoming heirlooms.  Otherwise... they're pretty quilts to be loved to pieces!

Mary mentioned she has this alphabet quilt in her to-do pile.

Coincidentally, when I was looking through some pictures from the 2014 Houston show I spied the quilt again, behind a shot I took of Eleanor Burns!

At my bee, as a community service project each member is being asked to make at least five pillow cases for the Hospital for Sick children.

I'm running behind on this project and I wanted to shop my stash for the fabric.  When I cut down on fabric purchases, I started buying 1/2 yard pieces instead of 1-2 yards; unfortunately each pillow case needs 3/4 yard for the body - yikes!

I'll keep digging, I know I have something that's big enough.

So that's what I'm up to for the next day or so, sew forth and sew on til later!

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  1. Well nobody says the pillowcases have to be only one fabric. I've made cases for my grandkids where each side is a different fabric and the band is a third. So do that scrappy thing that you do and use up more of the 1/2 yard cuts! Looking forward to seeing your creations.


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